July 1, 2009

Mix 036 - KPop Ballads

진호 - 내 눈물 너머
Tree Bicycle - 사랑하기 위해서
Baek Ho - 남자니까
Ignite - 사랑은 왜 언제나 (Feat. 김지영, 낯선)
IS 아이에스 - 봄 (Remix)
Swagger - What's Your Name (Feat. EachONE)
Blue Ocean - In Your Eyes
Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum - 애증의 늪
이솔이 - 떠나지마

More ballads for you to listen to. My favorite track here is 봄 (Remix)by IS...more house than ballad but I love the traditional instruments used in the music. Don't forget to rate this mix. Enjoy~

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