October 31, 2011

Mix 231 - JPop

Tohoshinki 東方神起 - I Think U Know
May's - Bonds
Exile - Rising Sun
Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - If I'm Not The One
黒木メイサ - Wired Life(アニメサイズversion)
Sowelu - Endless Summer
2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music
Lil'B - 今も誰より…


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October 27, 2011

Mix 230 - KPop Ballads

JYJ - 소년의 편지 (The Boy's Letter)
B1A4 - 쮸쮸쮸 (Chu Chu Chu)
조구(Jo Goo) - Ma Luv
C Real - 넥타이를 풀고
U-KISS - Baby Don't Cry
Kan Mi Youn 간미연 - 제발
Soulstar 소울스타  - 아침이 오는 한
Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 웃어요 (Smile)


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October 19, 2011

Mix 229 - KPop

Dalshabet - Moonlight
U-KISS - Top That
G.NA - Banana (feat. Swings)
Seo In Guk 서인국  - Shake It Up
Kara - Step
J-Walk - Get On The Floor (feat. Sei)
Kang Hyun 강현 - Hey Girl
45RPM - 내겐 너무 가벼운 그녀 (fat girl)
B1A4 - My Love

Definitely some cute songs here. My fav is 45RPM's Fat Girl!! Yeah, why aren't US artists singing about our big girls? We are one of the overweight populations in the world! Enjoy~

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October 17, 2011

Mix 228 - KPop Ballads OST

Junsu - You Are So Beautiful (Scent of a Woman)
더 사랑한다면 (Myung Woo The Spy)
모르나봐 (Heartstrings)
Kim Tae Woo 김태우 - 사랑에 빠지다 (Accoustic Ver.) (Warrior Daek Dongsoo)
Kim Jae Joong - 지켜줄게 (Protect The Boss)
Suddenly (City Hunter)
Yesung (Super Junior) - 단 하루만 (Warrior Daek Dongsoo)
엠블랙(MBLAQ) - 유앤아이 (Scent Of A Woman)
김하늘(로티플 스카이) - Bluebird (Scent Of A Woman)

I love these songs but they don't really go with the usual playlists I do. My favs are Junsu, Jae Joong, and Kim Tae Woo :) Enjoy~

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October 14, 2011

Mix 227 - JPop

Buono! - フランキンセンス
Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - Ooh... [Album Version]
Tohoshinki 東方神起 - I Don't Know
After School - Super Sexy
Matsushita Yuya - Hot Girl!!
2PM - I'm Your Man
Tohoshinki 東方神起 - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
V6 - Sexy. Honey. Bunny!

Tohoshinki back in the Jpop scene. When will JYJ make a comeback? Enjoy~

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October 13, 2011

Mix 226 - CPop

Jerry 羅百吉 - 妳把我心吃掉
Daniel Chan/陳曉東 - So Hot
JPM - 喜歡妳好久 -- 毛弟 Modi solo
Vanness Wu - 透.明.愛
Shine - 觸電
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 天旋地转
Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 - 怎麼會哭
Genie Chuo 卓文萱 - 不要不要

Some nice tracks for you, my fav is Jerry's You Ate My Heart. I love it for that deep club beat! Enjoy~

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October 11, 2011

Mix 225 - KPop RAIN 비

나쁜 남자 [Bad Guy]
악수 [Hand Shake]
Instead Of Saying Goodbye
Oh yeah! (feat. AI)
I Do
With U
I'm Coming
더 끌려 (Feat. 태완 a.k.a C-Luv)
Hip Song
널 붙잡을 노래

This is for all you Rain fans. He's enlisted today into the military. I'll miss him. Here's a compilation of songs from his albums. Enjoy~

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October 7, 2011

Mix 224 - KPop Ballads

JYJ - In Heaven (Narr. 김정은)
Teen Top틴탑 - Beautiful Girl
Mi - 자기야 사랑해
U-KISS - Take Me Away
NADV - Memory
Swin - 해피엔딩 (Happy Ending)
Sistar - 약한 남자 싫어
Brave Girls - 너무 아파 (은영 Solo) (feat. Maboos)

JYJ YAY! I love their album and I love them <3 Enjoy~

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October 6, 2011

Mix 223 - JPop

Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - Believe You
Ayumi Hamasaki - Beloved
Happiness - Wish
SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Matsushita Yuya - Lonely Rain
Kalafina - Lacrimosa

This is for all you Black Butler fans, Kalafina.. sorry for the delay, I've been having issues with publishing. enjoy~

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October 3, 2011

Mix 222 - KPop

U-KISS - Neverland
Humming Urban Stereo - i.myss
Swin - 너 때문에
JYJ - Get Out
Sistar - New World
Dalshabet - 블링블링 (Bling Bling)
W & Whale - .밤은 짧아
걸어 아가씨야
Bella - Get Down

My fav is Humming Urban Stereo and JYJ, Always Keep The Faith :) Enjoy~

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