September 27, 2010

Mix 126 - CPop Ballads

Hu Ge - 有一種歌
Peter Ho - 香水
Hins Cheung - Yes & No (Summer version)
Hebe Tian 田馥甄  - 给小孩
Peter Ho - 戀愛電話
Nan Quan Mama - I Am So Crazy
Hu Ge - .告訴他,我愛她
Peter Ho - 戀人唱的歌

some nice ballads for you. I included Hins Cheung because I like him, wish he did more Mandarin songs. Enjoy~

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Mix 125 - CPop

Hangeng 韓庚 - my Logo
Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - Sexy Girl
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 狂想曲
Kangta 安七炫  - 爱,频率
Nan Quan Mama - 熊貓人
Hangeng 韓庚 - 女皇
Nan Quan Mama - 河流‧午後‧我經過
Lee Hong Ki - 牵着你的手
Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - 太熱
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 讓愛飛起來

I've been waiting to put this up, so many new songs! First up, Hangeng from Super Junior with his solo album since leaving SM Entertainment. He's bringing a little of the kpop sound to cpop. Fahrenheit's new album, Too Hot,features a new sound and look for them (which I love). Also on this list is Kangta's first album since completing his army time. I was surprised that he decided to come back with a Mandarin album instead of Korean but I'll take anything he does :) I've also included Lee Hong Ki from FT Island, didn't know he sang Mandarin songs. No need to speak about Elva Hsiao and Nan Quan Mama who are solid artists. I always like their style...Enjoy~

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Mix 124 - KPop Ballads

G.O & Nassun 지오, 낯선  - O-IWI-O
swini (스위니) - 내남소 (내 남자친구는 소심해)
Hoody.H - One (Feat. MBLAQ 승호)
Supernova - 그리운 날에 (Acoustic Ver.)
Goofy 구피 - La Li Li (라리리)
G.NA - 소문났어요
Tei 테 이 - 별
Ebonyhill 에보니힐  - 너같은 여자

I'm in love with the first track O-iwi-o! I'm now a fan of G.O. :) another fav is Swini's 내남소 because of it's sweet melody. Enjoy~

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Mix 123 - KPop

Sori 소리 - 넌 내스타일이 아냐
Rain (비) - W송
Namolla Family 나몰라 패밀리 - Give Me One More
Rainbow 레인보우 - A
swini (스위니) - Silly Boy (Feat. 세리)
An Jin Kyoung 안진경  - Talk To Me (Feat. H-유진)
F.T Island - Baby Love, 김준수
정우 - 뚝뚝뚝
Goofy 구피 - 악몽

My fav on this list, is FT Island's Baby Love but it's cause I like them. Enjoy~

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September 7, 2010

Mix 122 - JPop by KPop

Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover
KARA - アンブレラ
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun) - Long Way
Big Bang - Somebody to Luv
KARA - ミスター (オリジナル・ヴァージョン) (ボーナストラック)
JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun) - W

Couldn't wait to put this up, my favorite kpop groups performing in Japanese! So many favorites but always love for JYJ from TVXQ, Always Keep the Faith <3 I hear W is for Changmin and Yunho. Enjoy~

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Mix 121 - JPop

松下優也 - ふたり
KAT-TUN 亀梨和也 - Sweet
Exile - angel (acoustic version)
Alan - 風に向かう花
May J. - Shiny Sky
AAA - WOW WAR TONIGHT ~時には起こせよムーヴメント~

My fav, Kat Tun's Make U Wet..enjoy~

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September 6, 2010

Mix 120 - KPop

Tae Yang 태양 - I'll Be There
Jo Sung Mo 조성모 - 우린 왜
2PM - Fly To Seoul `Boom Boom Boom`
Supernova - 라라라
Narsha 나르샤 - 맘마미아 (with 써니힐)
D-NA - 비틀비틀
House Rulez 하우스룰즈 - 니가필요해 (Feat. 채연)
듀얼 플레이 - 떠나버려 (Dual Play Remix) (Feat. 언터쳐블)
Gee Gee Girls - Sexy (Krazt Sexy Mix)

Tae Yang's I'll Be There my fav. The bottom half of the list is club music. Enjoy~

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