December 26, 2009

just on holiday break

Hey there, didn't want you folks to worry, I'm only on holiday break. I'll be back with some music for you in January. Have a great New Year!

December 4, 2009

Mix 072 - KPop Ballads

2PM - Back 2U
Tae Yang 태양 - Wedding Dress
Wheesung/휘성 - Alone
Park Bom 박봄 - You and I
4Men - 똑똑똑
이현욱 - Life goes on (Feat. 박선주)
2NB - 까만눈물 (Feat. JQ)
4Men - Everything

Some nice ballads for you..Enjoy~

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November 28, 2009

Mix 071 - JPop

Big Bang - 声をきかせて
BoA - BUMP BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo)
JASMINE - what you want?
Supernova - My Destiny
Kana Nishino - missing you
JAY'ED - Luv Is... (Feat. EMI MARIA)
Supernova - 消えない恋
Double & 清水翔太 - Good Night My Love

Big Bang trying to break into the Japanese market and doing a good job of it. Are they going to be the next TVXQ in Japan? Enjoy~

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Mix 070 - KPop

2PM - 너에게 미쳤었다
U-Kiss - 만만하니
Rainbow 레인보우 - Gossip Girl
Wheesung/휘성 - One Kiss
Jo Kwon & Whale/조권 & 웨일 - 덩크슛
U-Kiss - OK!
2PM - Heartbeat
Wheesung/휘성 - Over U
MC한새 and 박소연 - 엄마 몰래 비밀여행
SeeYa - 그 놈 목소리

Maybe you can tell that I'm a fan of Wheesung and 2PM, they both came out with some great songs from their most recent album. Although 2PM's album has a bunch of nice tracks, I still miss Jae Beom on it. Hope they bring him back soon. Enjoy~

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Mix 069 - CPop

ELVA Hsiao - Zuan Shi Tang (Diamond Candy)
Landy Wen - D.I.S.C.O.
Super Junior M - 動情 (Only U)
ELVA Hsiao - Zhan Li Chuan Qi (Thrilling Legend)
Landy Wen;Bu Yao Tai Guai (Don't Be Too Obedient)
ELVA Hsiao - Yan Yu (Beautiful Encounter)
Zhang Li Yin장리인 - 愛我 (Love Me) (feat. 헨리 from 슈퍼주니어 M)
Peter Pan - Mei You Ren Shi Sha Gua (No Man Is A Fool)

Mostly Elva and Landy but they both have great albums. D.I.S.C.O. is originally sung by Uhm Jung Hwa in Korean. Enjoy~

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November 14, 2009

Mix 068 - KPop Ballads

3zumma - 바보
Naomi - 어둠속에서
Seo In Gook - 부른다
Secret - I Want You Back
D&G - My Brotha (feat. 도끼)
2PM - All Night Long
Wheesung/휘성 - Girls
Lyn - Love U, I Love U

My favs on this list is 2pm's All Night Long and Wheesung's Girls. Good heavy beats for a little slow dancing ^_~ Enjoy!

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November 13, 2009

Mix 067 - KPop

Mighty Mouth - Real Man
Ivy 아이비 - Touch Me (Electro mix)
Koyote 코요태 - Oh, Yes!
Lee Seung Gi - 널 원해
아인 - First Love (Feat. 솔지, Back Attack)
BIG BANG - 할렐루야
Ivy 아이비 - 안돼요 (feat. Day Day)
December 디셈버 - 사랑아 사랑아
2PM - 기다리다 지친다

The long awaited 2PM album is out. Here is one of the tracks they released before the album was dropped. I'm wondering if this was a tribute to their leader, Jaebeom since the title is 01:59PM. It's not 2pm without their leader. Enjoy~

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November 3, 2009

Mix 066 - KPop

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
LYn - New Celebration(feat. 도끼)
RUN - Sexy Luv
Hwanhee - 심장을 놓쳐서
SS501 - Love Like This (네게로)
SHINee - JoJo
LYn - 누나의 노래 (feat. 이비아)
Top.AZ - 누나 못 믿니
Lee Seung Gi - 사랑이란

Must listen is SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, can't get that song out of my head. Also on the list is Hwanhee with his solo debut, SS501 with a group comeback, and Lee Seung Gi, the co host of Strong Heart. Enjoy~

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October 30, 2009

Mix 065 - CPop Ballads

ELVA Hsiao - Dao Shu (Countdown)
Evan Yo - hey!
Vicki Zhao 赵薇 - 游园会
Evan Yo - 日蚀
Peter Pan - Bang Ni Ji De (Help You To Remember)
Joi Chua - Yin Xing Ji Nian (Invisible Memento)
ELVA Hsiao - Tong Bu Hu Xi (Synchronous Breathing)
Zhang Li Yin - Qing Tian
Yu Tian (Moving On)

I love Elva Hsiao. She has the right sound and the right voice for me. hard to find that in a cpop artist. I would say maybe Jolin Tsai but she gets a little old for me. Also a good album is Evan Yo. Enjoy~

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Mix 064 - KPop Ballads

이현욱 - 왜 이래(Feat. Issac Squab)
Tae Yang - Where U At
SHINee - Y.O.U.
Hwanhee - Bring it Back
Knock 노크 - 후유증
SS501 - Obsess (중동...)
SHINee - 내가 사랑했던 이름
B2ST - Oasis
Seo In Gook - Young Love
RUN - 그대는 예뻐요 (Feat. 아이유)

Lots of nice tracks, lovin' 이현욱, Shinee, and Hwanhee...If you love Tae Yang watch his mv for Where U At, tight dance moves. The two dancers behind him are from California. I'm waiting for Hwanhee's Bring It Back mv, he's working a backflip at the beginning of the song (watch youtube). Enjoy~

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October 28, 2009

Mix 063 - CPop

Super Junior M - Super Girl
Dong lai Dong Wang - 改变世界
David Tao - Play (Feat. 萧亚轩)
Go Go Club - 爱的雷达
Yao Yao - 爱的抱抱
Elva Hsiao - Shan Shan Re Ren Ai
Vicki Zhao - Happiness
Evan Yo - 我的宝贝

Cpop for you. Super Junior's Chinese version of Super Girl is fun, although it'll be hard to listen to if you're a native speaker. My fav is Elva Hsiao. Enjoy~

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October 24, 2009

Mix 062 - JPop

Yuya Matcushita/ - 願いがかなうなら...
DJ Kenkaida - Love Train Kei Kohara + Reco
Tohoshinki - Hamaku Hateshinaku
Sweep - Walkin' in the rain
Faren/飛輪海 - Stay with you
JAY'ED - Everybody
Vanness Wu - it's Your Girl
Hiromi/宏実 - STay In Love

Here's some Jpop tracks that have been sitting on my desk. Farenheit, a Taiwanese band is breaking into the Japanese scene. What do you think? Enjoy~

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October 22, 2009

Mix 061 - KPop

f(x)/에프엑스 - Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop ver.)
티아라 & 초신성 - TTL listen 2
Epik High - 따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow)
Bling Bling - Bye Bye
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
Wheesung - 눈물 쏟고 또 쏟고
B2ST - Bad Girl
RUN - 강력한 그녀 #1
Double U - 눈물백신

Lots of debut groups on this playlist. MBlaq is the new group from Rain's company. And as I mentioned in my previous post, here's the pop version of Chocolate Love. I'm not sure why Koreans have this obsession with chocolate. Wheesung's song is from his album Vocolate and he also had Choco Love on his previous album. Enjoy~

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Mix 060 - KPop Ballads

Scoll/스콜 - 그녀를 보내야 합니다 (Feat. Lady LUNA)
Park Hyo Shin  - 이름 모를 새
Kim Tae Woo - 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (duet with Lyn)
Lee Seung GiL - 단념
Super Junior M - 내일이면 (Blue Tomorrow) (Korean Version)
수호 - 하늘과 땅
Girls' Generation - Chocolate Love (Retro Pop ver.)
SNJ - 왜 우리가 헤어져야 했는지
SSUP - This Crazy Love
SSUP 썹 - 서울에는 없는 바다

Some ballads, my fav of course is Kim Tae Woo track 3, Girls' Generation's Chocolate Love (for a phone ad), and SSUP's 서울에는 없는 바다. f(x) also does Chocolate Love in a dance beat which you'll hear in the next kpop playlist. Enjoy~

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October 14, 2009

Mix 059 - CPop Ballads

Peter Pan - Xiao Tian Tian (Little Sweety)
Thomas Jack - 因为你
Joi Chua - Qian Zuo Hou Zuo (Front Seat
Back Seat)
Thomas Jack - 厚脸皮
Super Junior M - 愛情接力 (You & Me)
Peter Pan - Jin Zai Yan Qian (Sight)
Angela Chang - Bai Bai De (White)
Joe Cheng - Mian Bao De Zi Wei (The Taste of Bread)

Some Chinese ballads...Peter Pan is my fav, great album. Enjoy~

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Mix 058 - English Songs by Asian Artists

Far East Movement - Girls On the Dance Floor
Big Bang - Number 1
Far East Movement - I Party
Far East Movement - Fetish
Vanness Wu - It's your Girl
Epik High - Rocksteady
Epik High - Map the Soul
Stevie Hoang - One Night Only feat. Blac Boi
Stevie Hoang - Ex Player

I've had these songs for awhile and thought I'd share with you. So many Asian artists are trying to break into the English speaking market but none have really gotten attention. With the exception of Big Bang, these artists are fluent in English. Enjoy~

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October 5, 2009

Mix 057 - KPop Ballads

Melody - 다른사람
Taesabiae - 그래도 사랑해 (Feat. 설희)
Loveholics - 나에게 그댄 (영화 ‘호우시절‘ 뮤직비디오 삽입) (Play 강현민)
Tei - From The Heaven
Kim Tae Woo - 점점점(feat. 앙리)
Yoo Seung Chan - 누가 와
Lee Hyun - 다시 사랑하는 날
Shin Ji Hu - 조금만 더 기다려줘
Yoo Seung Chan - Help Me

slow mix with my fav Loveholics' 나에게 그댄, and of course Kim Tae Woo's 점점점 for it's catchy chorus. Enjoy~

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Mix 056 - KPop

Sun - High Inferno
SSUP - Eco Love
N.S 윤지 - 머리 아파 (Full ver.)
전진 - 그 남자 그 여자의 사정 (With 유이 and 숙희)
Lee Pa Ni  - 꿈속의 신부
Super Junior M - Super Girl
Taegoon  - Finally
아인 - Tell Me Why
Yoo Seung Chan - 파도
햄 - T.T Dance

Mixed bag but my fav is Super Junior M's Super Girl. Fell in love with the tune in Chinese and here it is in Korean. I added in T.T Dance only because of the attention it was getting for this debut song of Ham. Enjoy~

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October 3, 2009

Mix 055 - KPop

Delight - Happy Birthday To Me
Kim Tae Woo - Faster (feat. 유비)
T-Max - 원해
Brand New Day - 마스카라
Loveholics - Message From Tokyo (Play Miki (The Indigo)
H - Rainbow
Lee Pa Ni  - 오빠로미오
Epik High - Rocksteady (Korean ver.) (feat. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)

Some fun tracks for you. I love Kim Tae Woo's album! And please listen to Loveholics and my other fav, Epik High. Epik High also does this track in English which will be on a future mix of Asian artists performing in English. Enjoy~

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Mix 054 - CPop Ballads

Andrew Tan - 天后
Dong lai Dong Wang - 后世镜
2 Girls - Man Man De Zou
Ferris Person - 穿雨
Andrew Tan - 沿着月光
Weiru Chen - 爱情的魔力
Tanya Chua - Zi You Luo Ti ( Free Fall)
Bear Biscuit - 零柒年 (上半年)& 零柒年 (下半年)

Some chinese ballads...Love Tanya Chua..enjoy~

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September 21, 2009

Mix 053 - KPop Ballads

Mellow - 생각이난다
Oh Jung Hyuk  - 어느덧 일주일
J.Hill - 라라라(Korean ver.)
Goon - I'm Superman
3 of the Eye - Beautiful Time(Under Clayton Sky)
Loveholics - Beautiful(Play 박혜경, 박기영)
Oh Jung Hyuk - 바보처럼
Lee Pa Ni - 오빠
Nameless - 바보(Remake Ver.)

More ballads for you to listen to. My fav is J. Hill's 라라라. I added Beautiful Time on this list (it's an English song) just cause I like it and they're a Korean group. There are a lot of Koreans singing English but as a native speaker it's hard to bear if words are not pronounced clearly. anybody interested in listening to Asian artists singing English? Comment...I'll post a mix if there's any interest. Enjoy~

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September 19, 2009

Mix 052 - JPop

Beni - Anything Goes!!
Crystal Kay - After Love-First Boyfriend
Jay'ed - Cry For You
Love - Two Hearts
Yuya Matcushita - Honesty
TVXQ - Colors-Melody and Harmony
Beni - Nice & Slow
Tiara - そのままで

Mellow tracks on this playlist. My fav of course is TVXQ's Colors. This song is a duet with JaeJoong and YooChun of TVXQ for Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary. Enjoy~

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Mix 051 - CPop Ballads

Color - 铁人
David Tao - 雪豹
Bear Biscuit - Hello, I Love You (Acoustic)
Weiru Chen - 渴
Khalil Fong - 狂潮
Ferris Person - SAy Love
Tanya Chua - Only Love
Bear Biscuit - 我们
Color - 证明
D Kwok - 幸运大门
David Tao - 暗恋

Most of these songs are more pop/indie than what I like to listen to but still worth a listen. Tanya Chua always puts out a decent album. Enjoy~

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Mix 050 - KPop Ballads

Clazziquai Project - 초콜릿 트러플
정인 - 그래 나를 믿자 (Feat. Bizzy)
SNJ - 안돼 Part.II
I The Tri Top's - 사랑한단 말
Brave Brothers - Bittersweet (비터스윗) (Feat. M, 현아, 마부스, 레드락, 베이직)
Kim Tae Woo - 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (duet with Lyn)
gn.E - 꿈 (Duet With 김성희)
JM 제이.엠 - 그대란 사람 (feat. Navi)
Shin Ji Hu 신지후 - So Crazy

My fav is 정인:그래 나를 믿자 (Feat. Bizzy) which is from kdrama City Hall. Also worth listening to is Kim Tae Woo's T Virus album. Enjoy~

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September 8, 2009

Mix 049 - KPop

G Dragon - Heartbreaker
Sheean - I Can't Be
Kim Mi Yeon - 찍었어
Free P - Get It On The floor
Sheean - 少女赞歌 (Feat. Watusi of Coldfeet)
House Rulez - Summer Breeze 2009 (feat. 박정아)
Go Go Girls - Beautiful Flowers
G Dragon - 1년 정거장
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
Kim Mi Yeon - 중독

Ok, had to add G Dragon's Heartbreaker because I'm really lovin' his album. I also added Brown Eyed Girls for it's catchy tune and the fact that 2pm/2am performed a parody of this song (see it on youtube or Wild Bunny ep 6). Enjoy~

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September 2, 2009

Mix 048 - JPop

Arashi - Everything
Exile - 優しい光
Azu - Close To you
Sound Around - Next Date Feat. Kaori
Hanah - 明日また、笑えるように
Sweep - Sighful Snow -DJ KOMORI Remix-
Kei Kohara - Day Dream
Exile - The Next Door- Indestructible feat. Flo Rida

This mix has a little of everything. I'm loving Kei Kohara's Day Dream for the 70's disco vibe. I added Exile's The Next Door just because I'm a fan of collaborations and this track features my favorite US artist, Flo Rida. Enjoy~

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Mix 047 - CPop

D Kwok - 微微
Xiao Yu - 换换换
Andrew Tan - 爱不爱
Chris Lee - 阿么
Bear Biscuit - Silence
Weiru Chen - 热血青

More tracks for you, my fav is Andrew Tan and D Kwok. Enjoy~

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August 31, 2009

Mix 046 - CPop Ballads

Chris Lee - 下个, 路口, 见
S.H.E - 锁住时间
Yong Bang - 魔鬼的眼泪
Gary Chaw - Bao Bei (Baby)
Andrew Tan - 故意
Dong lai Dong Wang - 包围
Chris Lee - 千域千寻
Musou Band - 是谁 (vocal 林予涵)

Some nice songs, Chris Lee's and Andrew Tan's album lots of good tracks. Enjoy~

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August 24, 2009

Mix 045 - KPop

CSP - 숨 (Feat. Tata Clan)
T-MAX - 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K) (김준 Solo)
이그나이트 - 무슨 말을 할 수 있겠니 (Feat. 길건)
Romantisco - Robotisco (Alteze Mix)
Honeysh 허니쉬 - Dear Mr. Superstar
Clazziquai Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Brave Brothers - Invisible (인비져블) (Feat. 손담비, 별들의 전쟁)
G-Dragon - 소년이여
SS501 - Wuss Up (규종 Solo)

This mix is a nice leave from all that club music I put up last time. A lot of fun songs but I really like G dragon's 소년이여. I was pleasantly surprised with his album, I liked most of his songs. I'll be adding more of his songs in future mixes. enjoy~

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August 22, 2009

Mix 044 - KPop Ballads II

T-MAX - 왜 그랬어 (Feat. 김준) (신민철 Solo)
Urban Zakapa - Let me be the one
Romantisco - Cancion De Amor
Lee Ji Ah - 컵케익과 외계인
TVXQ - 12시 34분 (Nothing Better)
XEPY - Luvin' Online
G-Dragon - Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)

Here's part 2 of the ballad mix. Honestly, I love these songs so it's hard to say which is the fav of the mix. I will say G Dragon's Butterfly mostly because it was the surprise track for me (although his whole album is good). He is known for his raps so it was nice to hear a song that he's actually singing. Dude has mad skills, enjoy~

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Mix 043 - KPop Ballads

Hwayobi - Kiss Kiss Kiss (Feat. Sleepy)
Dr. Gimmm - Heaven
SNJ - 사랑했어 (Feat. Saemprince)
R.Tripper - Far Away (Song Ver.)
As One - 헤어져
I The Tri Top's - 사랑한단 말
Baek Ji Young 백지영 - 괜찮다고 말하고
T-ara  - 거짓말 (Ballad Ver.)
Epitone Project - 기도 (Feat. 이진우)

There's been a lot of nice ballads out lately, mostly because when these artists do a song they offer it in many versions. My favs on this list are R.Tripper's Far Away and T-ara's 거짓말. Enjoy~

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August 16, 2009

Mix 042 - KPop

Baek Ji Young - 내 귀에 캔디 (Feat. 택연 of 2PM)
e.via - 미칠때까지 (feat. Yeyo)
Dr. Gimmm - 만 17세
Dannywon - 내 맘속의 Luv-U
Bada - Yes I'm In Love (Feat. 2PM 택연)
Insooni - Fantasia
Monkey Stick - Rainbow Love
Crown J - I'm Good
Chung Lim - Suga Point

Is it my imagination or are a lot of the tracks sounding all like club tracks? The unfortunate thing about kpop is that they like to stick with the formula of the moment. Or I'm just into club music? On this list are two tracks that feature Taec Yeon from 2pm...He's getting a lot of attention these days. Enjoy~

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August 15, 2009

Mix 041 - JPop

Sweep - Jump around -DJ KOMORI Remix-
EXILE - Fireworks
Ayumi Sakai - Strong Body
Juliet - ナツラブ
Shota Shimizu - 美しき日々よ
Tohoshinki - Tea For Two
JAY'ED - Can't Let Go
Safarii - Sunset Beach

Sorry for the slow update,I decided to try and reorganize my music and it's become a total overhaul! This mix, lots of nice songs so can't really say which is my favorite. Exile's album is good and Shota Shimizu's as well. And if anyone knows me, I love Tohoshiki aka TVXQ. Enjoy~

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August 3, 2009

Mix 040 - KPop Ballads

규현 - 7년간의 사랑
Urban Zakapa - 커피를 마시고 (Main Version)
Winterplay - 꿈에서 본 거리
Az 에이지 - Come 2 Me
SS501 - 제발 잘해줘 (현중 Solo)
St.하루 - Afraid
SS501 - 이름없는 기억 (영생 Solo)

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Mix 039 - CPop Ballads

Lollipop - 說說
Otaku - 阿宅失眠日記
Tank - 生還者
Xiao Yu - Every Time
Nicholas Teo - 爱你胜过自己
Lollipop - One Way
Xiao Yu - 爱上
Chou Hui - 難題
Jerry Yan - 我會很愛妳

My fav on the list? I'm loving Lollipop's new album so any of their songs and Xiao Yu's 爱上. I was surprised to hear this on the radio in China. What I put out on my mixes are picks that I like from an album, not necessarily what's on the top of the charts or released. Nicholas Teo's album is also better than his last one, more upbeat. Enjoy~

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August 2, 2009

Mix 038 - KPop

Soul Cry - 달콤한 거짓말 (House Remix)
MKtronic - MKtronic
Devil & Angel - Bad Girl
태사비애 - 어머 어머 어머
빅뱅 (T.O.P & 태양) - Friend 친구
Tac Ye Jun - 열받치네 (Remix)
Noise - 사랑만사
2NE1 - I Don't Care
XEPY - Hurry Up (Feat. QM in SAFARI)
MC-R - Like That (Feat. 유미)
e.via - 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version) (Feat. VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능)

Lots of fun songs on this list. My favs are Xepy and E.Via. Be warned, E.Via is not for the sensitive ears that understand Korean but listen to her fast rap! I added Noise's 사랑만사 because Show Luo did this tune in Mandarin a while ago. Enjoy~

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Mix 037 - JPop

Beni - Forever 21
Big Bang - Emotion
TVXQ - Stand By U
Color - 涙が落ちないように
Greeen - 口笛
Mai Kuraki - Beautiful
Big Bang - My Heaven

Sorry for the lag, been on vacation for the month but ready to get back to my music! This mix is mostly ballads, really didn't have time to sift through all the new music that I missed while I was away but I will certainly be doing that in the next few days. My fav on this list is Big Bang's Emotion and of course TVXQ's STand By U. Hope they don't disband, they're such a talented group. Enjoy~

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July 1, 2009

Mix 036 - KPop Ballads

진호 - 내 눈물 너머
Tree Bicycle - 사랑하기 위해서
Baek Ho - 남자니까
Ignite - 사랑은 왜 언제나 (Feat. 김지영, 낯선)
IS 아이에스 - 봄 (Remix)
Swagger - What's Your Name (Feat. EachONE)
Blue Ocean - In Your Eyes
Kim Yong Joon & Hwang Jung Eum - 애증의 늪
이솔이 - 떠나지마

More ballads for you to listen to. My favorite track here is 봄 (Remix)by IS...more house than ballad but I love the traditional instruments used in the music. Don't forget to rate this mix. Enjoy~

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June 27, 2009

Mix 035 - KPop

Ignite - 슨 말을 할 수 있겠니 (Feat. 길건)
Girls' Generation - 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)
Jewelry - Rally (Feat. 낯선)
V.O.S. - To Luv... (Feat. 2PM 재범)
Yeon Woo - 습관 (Feat. 지윤)
Ignite - Delight (Feat. 이지선)
Untouchable - 월요병 (feat. 화영)
Swagger - Shake

I'm feelin' like this is the dance mix. Enjoy~

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June 26, 2009

Mix 034 - KPop Ballads

Namolla Family - 전화하지마 (Feat. 태인)
Steady-B - Empty Love (Feat. Ra.D)
Untouchable - My Boo (feat. 전효성, 한선화)
A-Brother - My Lover (Feat. 정석, 호연)
J-One 제이원 - For You
8eight - 울고 싶어 우는 사람이 있겠어
선우선 - 지금와… (더 늦기 전에)
Baek Ho 백호 - She`s Mine (Feat. MKAY A.K.A Choi Mun Ki)

The ballads mix... I like 선우선 whose track is from a compilation, Love Tonic. I'd like to hear what your favorite song is, leave a comment. If you're lazy, just check the rating box below to tell me how you liked the mix. Enjoy~

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June 21, 2009

Mix 033 - KPop

Nude Sound Unit - Party Nation (C/W)
Chae Yeon - 흔들려
Baek Ho - Gorgeous Baby (feat. KZ)
Kara - 똑 같은 맘
어게인 - 603 (feat. MC K, 서연)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Get Away (Feat. $howgun)
SHINee - 줄리엣 (Juliette)
김태우 - 기억과 추억 (Feat. 준형, 호영)
Untouchable - Wassup
4minute - Hot Issue

A great first song to wake you up. I love dance music! Included in this playlist are a lot of new releases. Most tracks that I put up are within a couple of weeks of their release dates. 4 Minute is the latest girl group to debut in the kpop scene. My favorite track besides Party Nation is Gorgeous Baby. Something about that hook, so catchy. Enjoy~

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June 19, 2009

Mix 032 - CPop

Knights of Prince - 冒險世界 (Fantasy Version)
Lin Zheng Hao - 我の主打歌
Choc 7 - 等什麼
Tank - 繃帶俱樂部
Evonne Hsu - 愛極限
Rickman Xie - I See You
Cong Hao Nan - 我不是偶像
Nicholas Teo - 男人不坏
Xiao Yu - 漂亮女孩

Don't know if you noticed but I feel that the cpop scene is really starting to evolve. Hope this keeps up... I'd listen to more cpop if I can find more hip hop or dance tunes. Enjoy~

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June 17, 2009

Mix 031 - CPop

Future Bicycle - 秋幻想
Travel Band - Deng Ni Chi Fan
Happy Circle - Hello Tomorrow
Future Bicycle - 夏夜
Deserts Chang - Beautiful Woman
Happy Circle - Ban Diao Zi
Sun Xiao Yi - 爱情么么曲

This is a collection of what is more pop/alternative than the usual stuff I put up. Most of these artists are relatively new to the scene except for Deserts Chang. Her voice reminds me of Faye Wong. Deserts Chang's previous albums are full of nice ballads, check it out. If you enjoy this style on the playlist, you might want to listen to Korean artist Seo Taji. Enjoy~

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June 16, 2009

Mix 030 - JPop

Tiana Xiao - Kanashii Uso
Speed - S.P.D.
May J. - Crescent Moon -Daishi Dance remix
Daichi Miura - Delete My Memories
Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu - Looking your Eyes
Vanness Wu - Cinderella
Yuna Ito - Groovyx2
Daichi Miura - Damn
Kana Nishino - Kimi ni Aitaku naru kara
WISE - Can't Stop (feat. SPEECH)


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June 8, 2009

Mix 029 - CPop Ballads

Vinx Lin - 是不是你
Lin Zheng Hao - 唱首情歌
Happy Circle - Happy Circle
Kimi - 三月
Zhang Yun Jing - 黑裙子
Tank - 陽光美眉
Evonne Hsu Hui Xin - 平凡的浪漫
Rickman Xie - 都说你最好
Vinx Lin - 手心引力
Kay Huang - 你是唯一 (feat.阿达)

The first track feels like summer, Vinx Lin's mini album contains only 4 tracks all of them ballads but all of them nice. Listen to Happy Circle, also only 4 tracks (not including the kala versions), for their indie sound. Lastly if you're liking the last track by Kay Huang, you can hear her other works in OST music from The Hospital and 101st Proposal (China version). I like her song here because it's got a lounge feel. Enjoy~

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June 3, 2009

Mix 028 - KPop Ballads

Nude Sound Unit - Eternal Sunshine
Dok2 - B Ma Friend (feat.Jinbo)
어게인 - 한걸음
SHINee - 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Cry
Hwayobi - Once
Oh Jung Hyuk - 어느덧 일주일
Dok2 - Take My Hand (Feat. D.N.G)
Hyo - 3 - 33 AM
SHINee - 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)

Not much to say for this playlist. The SHINee songs are from their just released Romeo album. If you like the tracks by Dok2 you should check out the rest of the album. It contains alot of instrumentals which I like. Enjoy~

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May 28, 2009

Mix 027 - JPop

w-inds - Rain Is Fallin` (Feat. G-Dragon of Big Bang)
Micro - Iz This Love?
Utada Hikaru - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence -FYI
Miss Monday - 純愛百景II feat. 童子-T
加藤ミリヤ・清水翔太 - Love Forever
w-inds - You Are..
Vanness Wu - Hello Super Star
ONE☆DRAFT - ターミナルII (Feat. Macheri)
加藤ミリヤ・清水翔太 - Looking your eyes

I'm lovin' Micro's Space Rhythm 1 album. The song I included is a nice electronic beat but the album itself is diverse. Also lovin' Utada Hikaru who is trying to break into the US market. You may know her songs if you're playing Kingdom Hearts II. My favorite track on the list though is Vanness Wu's Hello Super Star. He's only an average singer and his Chinese music is hit and miss. However, I liked the three tracks he has in his Only album. Listen to his lyrics in Hello Super Star...does anyone in Japan know what Reeses Pieces are? Hahahaha, I love the reference, he sounds like a nerd. Enjoy~

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May 26, 2009

Mix 026 - CPop Ballads

Hit 5 - I Want U to Know
Song Nian Yu - 愛上
Z-Chen Chang - Di Si Zhe (Party Of Four)
Hit 5 - Say You Love Me Again
A Chao 阿超 - 讓我依賴
Kenji Wu - Ba Xin La Jin 把心拉近
Wilber Pan - Everytime's Goodtime
Sun Xiao Yi 孙笑一 - 爱情么么曲

Listen to Hit 5, although they need to keep working on vocals, they have great potential. Track 6 is Kenji Wu's latest single release,把心拉近...patiently waiting for his full album. Lastly another nice song from Wilber Pan from his 007 album, Everytime's Goodtime. Enjoy~

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May 23, 2009

Mix 025 - CPop

Kimi - 乱
JS - Somewhere (Justin Version)
Sandee Chan + Kimmy Chan - 雙陳記
Travel Band - Oh My story
青鸟飞鱼 - 怪怪女
SS - 单身party
MC HotDog - 我愛 Yes Girl (Feat. 馬念先)
Y-Star - Speak of Love 说爱的时间
Vincent Chiao 焦恩俊 - 功夫 (Remix)

Not much to say about this mix but if artists can keep producing songs like this I'd listen a lot more. Still, this collection leans more towards pop and electro than hip hop. Enjoy~

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May 21, 2009

Mix 024 - KPop Ballads

Naco - Ma Girl (Feat. 엄정화)
AJ - 눈물을 닦고
Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
Big Bang - A fool's Only Tears
Namolla Family - 전화하지마 (Feat. 태인)
정영주 - 사랑이 싫어
Oh Jung Hyuk - 사랑이 그래요
TaeGoon - Call Me (Remix) (Feat. H-Eugene)
Yellow Paint - 봄은 찾아오는데 (Feat. Amy Boat)
Hwa Young - 기다려 봐야죠
Na Yoon Kwon 나윤권 - 미행

This playlists contains two tracks that you may have heard before. Wonder Girls' Nobody and Taegoon's Call Me were originally released as a fast tempo song but these versions are almost better than the originals. Enjoy~

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May 19, 2009

Mix 023 - KPop

Chae Yeon - 흔들려
DJ Shine - Right Round (Feat. 가비앤제이)
LOOK - 내팔은 다이아 (Feat. 서정환) (Remix)
TaeGoon - Bye Bye
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara (Ji Yeon) 씨야 & 다비치 & 티아라 (지연) - 영원한 사랑
Jun Jin - 바보처럼 (Feat. 이시영, PJ JUN)
Answer - All Round Player
Yeonryun - 슬로우간지
어게인 - 603 (feat. MC K, 서연)

Anyone listening to Flo Rida? Here's Dj Shine's cover of Right Round. Not bad as a cover, the mini album features remixes of the song as well as Flo Rida's version. Also on here is Taegoon's mini album which I'm liking. I'll be adding his Call Me remix on the next ballad list. Finally,I had to add the theme song from "Cinderella Man" to the list because I'm lovin' the drama. Enjoy~

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May 15, 2009

Mix 022 - JPop

Miss Monday - Love Is The Only Solution
Bonnie Pink (feat. Craig David) - Fed Up
Miss Monday - Harmony
Kat-Tun - Water Dance
Exile - Generation
JuJu - 明日がくるなら
Ai-Ozaki - 会うまで
Ai-Ozaki - 陽はまた昇る
Soffet - 蒼空バラッド -Silent Blue Radio Edit-

Miss Monday's album, Love & the Light, is full of great tracks and these are my two favorite songs off the album. But my absolute favorite songs on this list are by Ai Ozaki. She just has this soulful sound about her songs. Which is your favorite song? Look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy~

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May 14, 2009

Mix 021 - KPop

Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun - Salad Days
타루 - Bling Bling
Jung Young Ju - Dream of You
Jun Jin - Hey Ya!
Oh Jung Hyuk - We Be The One
2NE1 - Fire
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara (Ji Yeon) 씨야 & 다비치 & 티아라 (지연) - 여성시대
Super Junior - It's You
Girls' Generation 소녀시대 - Destiny
이그나이트 - Delight
LOOK - 내팔은 다이아 (Feat. 서정환) (Remix)
Park Hye Kyung - I am unattractive

If you keep up with kpop news, 2NE1 has been getting a lot of attention as the new girl band. Their song, Fire, isn't bad but I like Jun Jin's (of Shinwa) comeback song, Hey Ya!. But the best on this playlist is 타루 with Bling Bling. It's a happy track that gets me running. Enjoy~

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May 12, 2009

Mix 020 - TVXQ Love!!!


どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?-THE LEVEL remix-
Hey! Girl
I Never Let Go
Mind and Soul
Two Hearts
Try My Love

Ahh, where to start? I'm in love with TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki. The first song that caught my attention a couple of years ago was Hey! Girl. I listened to their other previous albums and wasn't thrilled. A couple years later (now), I came across their concert performance of Proud and I was hooked!!! First their vocals are an almost perfect combination. Second, they are an a capella group. Third, I'm a sucker for boys that cry but that's another story. I think Jae Joong and Junsu's voices are strong and exceptional, they sing live and sound consistent to their recorded songs. I've come to appreciate how hard they work after watching some of their concert performances. They dance and sing non stop for a good 20 minutes and sound great. This playlist consists of only ballads and may have been featured in my previous playlists but this is me showin' love! Enjoy~

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May 4, 2009

Mix 019 - CPop Ballads

Steve Chou - 臨別一眼
Fahrenheit - 你應該被珍惜
Hannah Kim - 呼吸 愛
Steve Chou - 關不上的窗
Huang Chong Xu - 我们的故事
Elva Hsiao - Ba Xin Fang Jin Lai
Wilber Pan - Be With You (feat. Akon)
Wilber Pan - 双人舞
Jia Li Yi - 旋转门
Afalean Lu 卢学叡 - 情流感
Fahrenheit - 默默

I had to put this playlist up right away because I got hold of Wilber Pan's new singles. I love his style (so RnB and his raps are not bad either) and the fact that he is singing Akon's song, Be with You. I initially wanted his single for this song but I'm loving his other song, 双人舞, for it's catchy tune. He's an American born Taiwanese born in West Virginia. Afalean Lu is another artist (I mentioned A Chord Hsieh in the last entry) that made it to the Top 10 Mandarin albums of the last week of April. Thank you to my friends Aoi and Ai for supplying my music addiction! Enjoy~

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Mix 018 - CPop Alternative

Princess Ai - White Lies
May Day - 如煙
Fusion - 我的爱呢?
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 无法定义
at17 - 我們很快樂 (國語)
Fun4 - 愛的鼓勵
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 关于
Sodagreen - 日光

Okay, I wasn't sure what to call this mix...not my usual hip hop or dance flavor and not what I think of as pop or rock. Anyway, take a listen to this playlist, my favorite is track 3 Fusion's 我的爱呢? reminds me of the band 311. I believe A Chord Hsieh was on the top 10 Mandarin albums for the last week of April. Enjoy~

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May 2, 2009

Mix 017 - CPop

Zhang Jun Ning - I Love This Feeling
Jolin Tsai - 影舞者
BY2 - 新少女祈禱
Afalean Lu - Have Fun
Quincy Chen - 谢谢你捧场
Zhang Jun Ning - 王子的心
Z-Chen Chang - Enchanted
Paisley - Don't Think Just Do
Hins Cheung - 曝光 (Dance Version)

Zhang Jun Nin, aka Peter Pan, has released another new album called 小飞侠 and is very different from his previous work. I like this album because of the upbeat tracks. You may notice that the last track is a Cantonese song by Hins Cheung. Too bad, his latest album is Cantonese....hope he'll release another Mandarin album next time. Enjoy~

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April 24, 2009

Mix 016 - KPop

2PM - Again & Again
Happy Face - Be My 1004 Part II
Naco - Nochnologe
Big Bang - So Fresh
So Cool
2PM - 돌아올지도 몰라
Holladang - Turn On The Radio
Naco - Can't Stop Music
2PM - 니가 밉다
AJ - 댄싱 슈즈
Lee Jun Ki - J Style
Wondergirls - Now
Lee Jun Ki - 바보사랑

Had to put this out cause I'm loving 2PM's new album. As you can see,I've added three of their tracks on this playlist. The dance version of Again & Again is HOT! The Big Bang track is from their CF for Hite Beer and as SuengRi is underage he is not part of this song. Naco is another artist whose whole album is great listening. And finally Lee Jun Ki you may know as an actor from many Korean dramas. He better keep his day job(: but these songs I've added aren't half bad. Enjoy~

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April 23, 2009

Mix 015 - Korean Rap

Uptown - Game Over
Defconn - Love sugar
Epik High - Free Music feat.Myk
Joe Brown - Break Up 2 Make Up
The Note - 바람 (Feat. Digital Masta)
All That - Hidden Track
G.L. - 093-03
Epik High - Map the Soul feat.MYK
Keikei - 미치도록 (Feat. K-Proud)

Thought I should make this list just so you can hear how rap is an influence (as if you didn't know if you've been listening to these playlists(: )in Korea. Most of what I picked is more mellow rap, some tracks with singing and rap. Noteworthy on this list is Epik High, They compose and write their own music. Enjoy~

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April 22, 2009

Mix 014 - KPop Ballads

koffee - 않아
Fly to The Sky - Good Girl
JL - 말했잖아
이진성 - 1 Step
Super Junior - Dead at Heart
Eddie - Over
Fly to The Sky - Song for You
Mute - Lei
PS Jun - Evil Time
Son Dambi - No Sympathy
Chung Lim - 내맘 속에서만
All That - I Know pt. II
Noel - Because I'm a Man...

Hello! Took a while to figure out why I couldn't get my URL links to work but with some luck and help from my trusty IT it's been solved. These are some nice mellow songs, stuff I'd classify as R&B but you make that decision. It was hard to choose what to put on this list because these artists have many ballads worth listening to. My favorite on this list? Fly To The Sky...unfortunately this is Brian and Hwanhee's final album together and will part ways to pursue solo careers. Let's hope they decide to collaborate for something in the future. I'm going to miss them but ten years is long enough and I'm wishing them the best. Enjoy~

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April 19, 2009

Mix 013 - Instrumental Tracks

Da Mouth - Asalato Box
Maximum Crew - Break 101
AJOO - 재벌 2세 (instrumental)
Rain - Freeway
Jay Chou - Intro (initial D)
2PM - Again & Again
Rain - Feel So Right
Perfume - 23 - 30

Many of the albums come with instrumental versions of their tracks. Sometimes they are better than hearing the original with lyrics. Here's a collection of some of my favorites. Please leave a comment if you cannot download this as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 012 - KPop Hip Hop

Son Danbi - Bad Boy
Chung Lim - Step (feat. Benzi)
L.E.O. - Sign
Super Junior - Club No. 1
Yim chang Jung - In The Club
Park Jung Eun - 너라면 이해하겠니
Super Junior - Why I Like You
After School - AH
AJ -  2009 (feat. Hyun Ah)

In this mix you'll hear more of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry album. My favorite song on this playlist is 2009 by AJ. He has other great tracks on his mini album which I'll add in my next playlist. Please comment to this playlist if you cannot download as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 011 - JPop

Craig David (feat. Bonnie Pink) - All The Way
Teriyaki Boyz(feat. Pharrell and Chris Brown) - Work That
Mai Kuraki - 夢が咲く春 remix,Ravex - Golden Luv feat. Maki Goto
June - Always
Beni - Kiss Kiss Kiss
TVXQ - Stand Up!
May J. & DJ KAORI - Shopping
June - Reason To Believe
SG Wannabe - More Than Diamonds

I love the collaborations of the first two tracks. Craig David, a UK artist, has also worked with Wheesung to produce a Korean version of his song insomnia. Anything Pharrell touches is gold in my eyes. The Teriyaki Boyz album also featured Kanye West and Busta Rhymes. Of course, I had to include the latest offering from my fav. group TVXQ which released another great album, the Secret Code. Please comment and let me know if you can not download this as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 010 - CPop Ballads

侯湘婷 - 一起去巴黎
Ji Jia Song - 白黑
JS - 現在的我們(原唱:蕭薔)
MOD - 人之初
Huang Wen Xing - 億萬克拉的幸福
Elva Hsiao - Ta He Ta De Gu Shi
兄弟小文 - 流着泪说分手
張宇 & 小S徐熙娣 - 傻瓜與野丫頭
順子 - 恰好的寂寞
兄弟小文 - 离爱很遥远
Hsiao Hung Jen - Bu Zhi

Sorry for the delay, I've been out and when I got back I experienced internet problems. Here is the ballads mix. I tried to keep it more upbeat so you won't fall asleep! My favorite on this playlist is Xiao Wen. He's got some great songs on his album and included two on this list. Enjoy!

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March 30, 2009

Mix 10 - 80s Mix

For all you funky people out there....thought I'd do this cause the sun is shining and we should all be out there with our rollerskates. This particular post is not going to be added to my podcast, just here...Enjoy!

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March 28, 2009

Mix 009 - CPop

Elva Hsiao - Ai De Zhu Da Ge
Da Mouth - 国王皇后 (Remix)
艾成 - 危机意识
Danson Tang - 一 言为定
Jeff Wong - 让世界忘了睡
Jolin Tsai - 熱冬
Elva Hsiao - Wei Lai
JJ Lin - 由你選擇 (Feat. 農夫 FAMA)
Jeff Wong -  So What

Here's more cpop for your ears. Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai and Jeff Wong's albums were just released in March. I'm not a fan of female vocals but these girls on here have great dance tracks. Enjoy!

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March 27, 2009

Mix 008 - JPop Ballads

News - ケセナイ
Shota Shimizu - Diggin' On U
W-inds - Everyday
TVXQ - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
SoulJa - 花、ゆらり feat. 高橋幸宏
ONE DRAFT - アイヲクダサイ
TVXQ - Taxi
Mai Kuraki - Secret Lover
TVXQ - Bolero

Since I'm on a jpop roll, here's the slow stuff worth listening to. Maybe I should have just made a TVXQ mix...but hey, they're a great band and I love their music! I thought I should put this list up since my anime mix won't be getting much play unless you're into manga/anime like me. By the way, if you're listening, rate the mix at the bottom of each post, I want to know what I should be putting out for you. Of course, comments are always welcome. Enjoy!

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Mix 007 - Jpop Anime Mix

Suzumura Kenichi - Bokura no Love Style
Cieco Kawabe - Sakura Kiss
Flow - Go!
Miyano Mamoru - Guilty Beauty Love
Orange Range - Asterisk
Ouran HS - Shimauma no Yoru
Utada Hikaru - Passion
Otsuka Ai - Renai Shashin
Ritsuko Okazaki - For Fruits Basket
北原拓 - 風のとおり道

Anime? Yes! As I mentioned to my sister, I am an Otaku. I'm a fan of anime, manga, but mostly I'm a wota otaku! but that's another story. This mix is a collection of theme songs from anime me and my girl watch(or read in manga form). The most recognized song of the list I'm sure is the theme song to Totoro. Here are some of the anime the other songs come from: Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, Totoro. Right now I'm waiting for the latest issues of Vampire Knight and Skip Beat! to come out in English. Why read manga? A lot of the Asian dramas/movies that are popular are based on manga like Antique Bakery, Absolute Boyfriend, Hana Kimi, Boys Before Flowers, and Deathnote. Enjoy!

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March 21, 2009

Mix 006 - KPop

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
TVXQ - Are You Good Girl?
Ajoo - 재벌 2세
T-Max -  Blooming
Girls' Generation - Gee
Wheesung - Insomnia
Rain - 더 끌려(Feat. 태완 a.k.a C-Luv)
Honey Boys - 4 Hitter
Big Bang - Strong Baby
Jang Geun Suk - Black Engine

Had to put up Super Junior's Sorry Sorry right away because it's so catchy! It's the first song on my workout playlist. Their latest album is pretty good, I'm not a fan of them but they have plenty of good tracks. Craig David asked Wheesung to do a Korean version of his song, Insomnia. I love both versions. Do you like the last song? The artist is also an actor, he's the lead in Baby and Me and Doremifasolatido (for you people that were at my house for K movie night!) Enjoy!

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