December 6, 2010

Mix 135 - KPop Ballads

2PM - I Can't
Be2t 비스트 - 주먹을 꽉 쥐고
Hwayobi 박화요비 - u N i
Young Seok 영석 - 사랑해 내가 또...
Shin Seung Hun - 사랑같은건 믿지 않지만
Casker 캐스커 - 물고기
Nom Nom Nom 놈놈놈 - 친구여자친구
Park Yong Hyo 박용효 - 가끔


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November 23, 2010

Mix 134 - KPop Ballads

BoA - M.E.P (My Electronic Piano)
스윈 (Swin) - 아픈날
Suh Young Eun - 이 거지같은 말 (Guitar & Piano Ver.).
4men 포맨 - Hollo!
Hwayobi 박화요비 - 나 같은 여자타이틀곡
STi 스티  - Mukashi (Feat. 술제이&리유)
2PM - 니가 나를 떠나도
Be2t 비스트 - Break Down

I like BoA, she's great in both Korean or Japanese. If you like R&B, you'll like 4men and Hwayobi. Enjoy~

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Mix 133 - JPop

Exile - I wish for You
Shota Shimizu - 君が暮らす街
Speed - Kahlua Milk
alan - 名もなき種
AKB48 - 君について
JYJ - Get ready
Ayumi Hamasaki 浜崎あゆみ - blossom (Clockwork yellow remix)

Some nice jpop..Always love JYJ (from TVXQ)Always Keep The Faith! enjoy~

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Mix 132 - KPop

BoA - Copy & Paste
U-Kiss 유키스  - Rock Ya Body
San E 산이 - 맛좋은산 (Feat. Min)
Co-Ed 남녀공학( - Too Late (Part.1)
2NE1 - Can't Nobody
U-Kiss 유키스  - 시끄러!!
San E 산이 - B.U.B.U. (Feat. 준수)
Be2t 비스트 - V.I.U (Very Important U)
Swini 스위니(Swini) - First Time

Aiya! I've been busy (and lazy)so I've been just sitting on this list. My favs are BoA, SanE, and Be2t. This has been my workout list for the last couple of weeks. Enjoy~

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November 3, 2010

Mix 131 - CPop Ballads

Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - 繼續愛
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 抱緊你
光良 (Michael Guang Liang) - 太天真
Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - 心疼你的心疼
Kangta 安七炫  - 我们的彩虹
Nan Quan Mama - 可苦可樂 
Hebe Tian 田馥甄  - 我对不起我


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November 2, 2010

Mix 130 - KPop Ballads II

No Reply 노 리플라이  - Golden Age
4cus 포커스  - 그대와 단 둘이서
Tonight 투나잇  - Always With You (Duet Ver.)
SG Wanna Be워너비 - 겨울 나무
4cus 포커스  - 향기로운 추억
No Reply 노 리플라이  - 안락의자
F.T Island - 사랑사랑사랑
2NE1 - 아파 (Slow)

As I mentioned in my previous post, there's a lot more of No Reply. I'm in love with their songs. His voice matches the style of music they perform. My fav on this list is track 2 from 4cus 그대와 단 둘이서. Reminds me of a Hawaiian band. This playlist is a little different than the usual pop/R&B I put out. Enjoy~

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Mix 129 - KPop Ballads

San E 산이  - Love Sick
Goofy 구피 - 한걸음 (One Step)
Brave Brothers - 울고싶단 말야 (with 박재범)
Wheesung 휘성  - 결혼까지 생각했어
Ebonyhill 에보니힐  - Rock N Soul
Kim Junsu 시아준수 - Too Love
No Reply 노 리플라이  - Goodbye
규현 - 희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈
Sugar Bubble 슈가버블 - 아 시원해

Sorry for the delay but here are some nice songs for you. I love San E! Also nice to listen to is No Reply. I like most of this album. You'll hear more on the next list. Of course I had to add Junsu's song :) Enjoy~

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October 6, 2010

Mix 128 - English

Vanness Wu - Sail Away
Tae Yang - Connection (feat. Bigtone)
Brian Joo - Do It (Move It)
C.N. Blue - Love Revolution
Oneway - U Drag
2Nise - Because of You (John Solo)
Epik High - Over
JJ Lin - Still Moving Under Gunfire
Se7en - Money Can't Buy Me Love
Brave Brothers - Addict


There are many English tracks that I find by asian artists, not all good. The ones listed here are probably the most listenable especially if you're a native English speaker. There are plenty out there that are painful to listen to even if you love the artist. Half of the artists listed here are English speakers. My fav track is Tae Yang's Connection for the catchy tune. Enjoy~

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Mix 127 - JPop

JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun) - いつだって君に
C.N.BLUE - Lie
EXILE - もっと強く
KAT-TUN - Right Now

Love Iconiq, Enjoy~

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September 27, 2010

Mix 126 - CPop Ballads

Hu Ge - 有一種歌
Peter Ho - 香水
Hins Cheung - Yes & No (Summer version)
Hebe Tian 田馥甄  - 给小孩
Peter Ho - 戀愛電話
Nan Quan Mama - I Am So Crazy
Hu Ge - .告訴他,我愛她
Peter Ho - 戀人唱的歌

some nice ballads for you. I included Hins Cheung because I like him, wish he did more Mandarin songs. Enjoy~

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Mix 125 - CPop

Hangeng 韓庚 - my Logo
Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - Sexy Girl
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 狂想曲
Kangta 安七炫  - 爱,频率
Nan Quan Mama - 熊貓人
Hangeng 韓庚 - 女皇
Nan Quan Mama - 河流‧午後‧我經過
Lee Hong Ki - 牵着你的手
Fahrenheit 飛輪海 - 太熱
Elva Hsiao 蕭亞軒 - 讓愛飛起來

I've been waiting to put this up, so many new songs! First up, Hangeng from Super Junior with his solo album since leaving SM Entertainment. He's bringing a little of the kpop sound to cpop. Fahrenheit's new album, Too Hot,features a new sound and look for them (which I love). Also on this list is Kangta's first album since completing his army time. I was surprised that he decided to come back with a Mandarin album instead of Korean but I'll take anything he does :) I've also included Lee Hong Ki from FT Island, didn't know he sang Mandarin songs. No need to speak about Elva Hsiao and Nan Quan Mama who are solid artists. I always like their style...Enjoy~

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Mix 124 - KPop Ballads

G.O & Nassun 지오, 낯선  - O-IWI-O
swini (스위니) - 내남소 (내 남자친구는 소심해)
Hoody.H - One (Feat. MBLAQ 승호)
Supernova - 그리운 날에 (Acoustic Ver.)
Goofy 구피 - La Li Li (라리리)
G.NA - 소문났어요
Tei 테 이 - 별
Ebonyhill 에보니힐  - 너같은 여자

I'm in love with the first track O-iwi-o! I'm now a fan of G.O. :) another fav is Swini's 내남소 because of it's sweet melody. Enjoy~

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Mix 123 - KPop

Sori 소리 - 넌 내스타일이 아냐
Rain (비) - W송
Namolla Family 나몰라 패밀리 - Give Me One More
Rainbow 레인보우 - A
swini (스위니) - Silly Boy (Feat. 세리)
An Jin Kyoung 안진경  - Talk To Me (Feat. H-유진)
F.T Island - Baby Love, 김준수
정우 - 뚝뚝뚝
Goofy 구피 - 악몽

My fav on this list, is FT Island's Baby Love but it's cause I like them. Enjoy~

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September 7, 2010

Mix 122 - JPop by KPop

Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover
KARA - アンブレラ
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun) - Long Way
Big Bang - Somebody to Luv
KARA - ミスター (オリジナル・ヴァージョン) (ボーナストラック)
JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun) - W

Couldn't wait to put this up, my favorite kpop groups performing in Japanese! So many favorites but always love for JYJ from TVXQ, Always Keep the Faith <3 I hear W is for Changmin and Yunho. Enjoy~

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Mix 121 - JPop

松下優也 - ふたり
KAT-TUN 亀梨和也 - Sweet
Exile - angel (acoustic version)
Alan - 風に向かう花
May J. - Shiny Sky
AAA - WOW WAR TONIGHT ~時には起こせよムーヴメント~

My fav, Kat Tun's Make U Wet..enjoy~

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September 6, 2010

Mix 120 - KPop

Tae Yang 태양 - I'll Be There
Jo Sung Mo 조성모 - 우린 왜
2PM - Fly To Seoul `Boom Boom Boom`
Supernova - 라라라
Narsha 나르샤 - 맘마미아 (with 써니힐)
D-NA - 비틀비틀
House Rulez 하우스룰즈 - 니가필요해 (Feat. 채연)
듀얼 플레이 - 떠나버려 (Dual Play Remix) (Feat. 언터쳐블)
Gee Gee Girls - Sexy (Krazt Sexy Mix)

Tae Yang's I'll Be There my fav. The bottom half of the list is club music. Enjoy~

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August 27, 2010

Mix 119 - KPop Ballads

BoA 보아 - 옆 사람 (Stand By)
Son Dambi 손담비 - Can`t U See
Hwanhee 환희 - 난
Tei 테 이 - 미쳐 서 너를 불러타이틀곡
Jo Sung Mo 조성모 - 점점더 (Feat. 일렉트로보이즈), MC 한새
스윈(Swin) - 널 놓치지 말걸
House Rulez 하우스룰즈 - Ennes Episode (Feat. 엔느), 알렉스(Alex), 호란, 이승열, 박기영, 웨일(Whale), 혜원, 나무
어반 자카파(Urban Zakapa) - 우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아름답다

a mix of ballads and R&B ballads like usual. My fav on this list is the last track by a collection of artists from the Fluxus Voices album. Enjoy~

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August 16, 2010

Mix 118 - KPop

SHINee 샤이니  - Electric Heart
Se7en 세븐 - Better Together
T Max 티맥스 - 까불지마 South Cide (사우스사이드) - Bounce To This (feat. Vasco, Bigshot)
Snicker 스니커  - Shooting Star (Feat. JOO)
House Rulez 하우스룰즈 - 니가필요해 (Feat. 채연)
DNT 디엔티 - 노크노크
Se7en 세븐 - Roller Coaster
Hwayobi 화요비 - Cloud 9


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August 10, 2010

Mix 117 - KPop Ballads

미쓰고 (Miss Go) - 된장girl (Feat. 신의, Zetton)
G.NA - Supa Solo (Feat. Swings)
Se7en 세븐 - I`m Going Crazy
Hwayobi 화요비 - More Than Love
티맥스 - 해줄 수 있는 말
Snicker 스니커  - Good Or Bad (Feat.주찬양)
Super Junior - 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)
HwanHee 환희  - 내가 더 아플게


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August 9, 2010

Mix 116 - JPop

EXILE - Make it Last Forever
松下優也 - foolish foolish
Koda Kumi - Lollipop
FT Island - Brand-new days
Miho Fukuhara 福原美穂 - もしかして
青山テルマ - OH BABY 恋してたい
4 minute 포미닛 - グッバイ


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August 2, 2010

Mix 115 - KPop

Snicker 스니커  - Money Or Love (Feat. 주찬양)
ORA - Naughty Face
se7en 세븐 - Digital Bounce (Feat. T.O.P)
Eun Ji Won 은지원 - No Comment
ZaZa 자자 - Uh Uh Uh
Jay Park 박재범 - 믿어줄래 (Nothin On You) (Full Melody Korean Ver.)
M&M 엠앤엠 - J
4minute - Superstar
Se7en 세븐 - Drips

I like a lot of these tracks. Se7en's new album is not bad, he's trying to keep up with trends. Jay Park finally came out with something for his fans, I like it :) Enjoy~

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July 28, 2010

Mix 114 - KPop Ballads

Hwayobi 화요비 - Bye Bye Bye
Tae Yang 태양 - I Need a Girl (feat. G-dragon)
D-NA - 눈부신 세계
Hwayobi 화요비 - 2CreAm NoSuGar
Oneway 원웨 - Forever
ZaZa 자자 - 헤어지다
Chess - 메아리
Tae Yang 태양 - You're My
Hwayobi 화요비 - 가끔은.. 남자도..

As you can see, I've add lots of Hwayobi. Pretty much all the tracks are RnB and her voice is just amazing. Other favorites, is Tae Yang and One Way. Hope One Way will do this track in an English version. Enjoy~

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July 23, 2010

Mix 113 - CPop

Jay Chou - 嘻哈空姐 (Hip-Hop Stewardess)
Danson Tang 唐禹哲 - I'm Back (Rap feat. f(x)Amber)
Kenji Wu - 移動世界
Jay Chou - 跨時代 (The Era)
Jonothan Wong - 你們好 (國語版)
Wu Jia Hui - 童話傻瓜
Danson Tang 唐禹哲 - You Are The One
G.E.M Tang - Where Did You Go 2.0 (Sam Vahdat Remix)


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July 9, 2010

Mix 112 - CPop Ballads

Kenji Wu - 我全都相信
Kevin Lin - 好朋友的定義
Jay Chou - 自導自演 (Self Directed)
Kenji Wu - 瘋了瘋了
Kevin Lin - 失憶
Charlene Choi - 二缺一
Hins Cheung - 石徑 (張敬軒 + 麥家瑜)
Danson Tang - Be With You

I don't usually post Cantonese songs but I like Hins Cheung. Enjoy~

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Mix 111 - JPop

mihimaru GT - Fascinating Girl
FT Island - Revolution
Big Bang - Hands Up
EXILE - 24karats STAY GOLD
mihimaru GT - オメデトウ (Omedetou)
青山テルマ - OH BABY 恋してたい
Kin Jeong Hoon 김정훈 - Rainy Flash


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June 28, 2010

Mix 110 - KPop

T.O.P - Turn It Up
Lee Jung Hyun 이정현 - Eenie Meenie Minie Moe
Code V 코드브이 - 내가 더 슬퍼
Hwayobi 화요비 - Zero
CN Blue 씨엔블루 - LOVE
SS501 - Love Ya
Code V 코드브이 - 중독
FreeQ - Falling In Love
ZaZa 자자 - Lucky-7

I've been waiting for T.O.P. to come out with his solo! Can't wait for Big Bang's comeback but while we're waiting at least we can listen to T.O.P. Another must listen to is Hwayobi. Her latest album is great R&B, all the tracks are easy to listen through. Enjoy~

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June 24, 2010

Mix 109 - CPop Ballads

A-Do - Cha yi dian
Jay Chou - 超人不會飛 (Superman Can’t Fly)
G.E.M Tang - A.I.N.Y. (愛你)
The Drifters - 太陽升起
Jonothan Wong - 盛宴 (心足-國語版)
A-Do - Ting jian niu zai ku
G.E.M Tang - Mascara (Glossy Version)

slow stuff for Mandarin listeners. Jay Chou my fav, his album has a bunch of great tracks, he even uses vocorder in his songs.enjoy~

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June 21, 2010

Mix 108 - KPop Ballads

Honey Family 허니 패밀리 - 가시 (Feat. May Jun & 유리)
Deez - 나의 빛 (feat. 한마음)(2010 Remastered)
최현준 - 최현준
J Kyun/제이켠 - 혼자가 편해 (Feat. Kuan)
Super Junior - 봄날 (One Fine Spring Day)
Lee Hyun이현 - 2 Step (Feat. 우일, John of 2Nise)
Soulman - Love Is On
Honey Family 허니 패밀리 - 1 Step (Feat. 성진 from Space Cowboy)
10cm(십센치) - 죽겠네

The ballad mix. Enjoy~

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Mix 107 - KPop Hip Hop

LMNOP 엘레메노피 - 신데렐라(Feat.Double Trouble, Sunday2pm, Black Out, KEIKEI)
illinit/일리닛 - 학교에서 뭘 배워
Rimi/리미 - 얼굴이 못생겨서 싫었던 거니
E.Via 이비아 - 소녀의 순정 (Feat. Mad Clown)
2NISE 투나이스 - 왜이래 (Feat. 낯선) (He Said)
Palo Alto 팔로알토 - Positive Vibes(Feat. T윤미래)
Kimy Fiesta 키미 피에스타 - Lucky Dream(Feat. Kuan of All That)
Kimy Fiesta 키미 피에스타  - BGM (Feat. 조현아 of Urban Zakapa)
E.Via 이비아 - 홍대앞에 오면 (Call Me Up!)

Since I have some rap, thought I'd do a rap list though some of this could go on my regular kpop playlists. Enjoy~

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Mix 106 - KPop

MBLAQ엠블랙 - Y
Super Junior - 미인아(BONAMANA)
Seo In Guk 서인국 - 첫눈에 (Feat. 베카of애프터스쿨)
f(x) - Mr. Boogie
Davichi 다비치  - 첫키스
Super Junior - My Only Girl
Lee Jung Hyun 이정현 - 2night
Melange 멜란지 - 추락
Honey Family 허니 패밀리 - 내 스타일이야(Feat.팝핀현준&이시영)

Sorry, been holding onto all this music because I've been so busy with daily life. Enjoy~

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June 2, 2010

Mix 105 - JPop

XIAH Junsu - Intoxication
Miho Fukuhara 福原美穂 - 未来 -ミライ- (STUDIO APARTAMENT remix)
MiChi - All about the Girls ~Iijyanka Party People~
FT Island - Flower Rock
XIAH junsu - 君がいれば ~Beautiful Love~ (Short Ver.)

This playlist sounds like the party nightclub mix with the exception of Xiah Junsu's songs which I had to include because I LOVE Junsu!! My friend is bringing his solo cd back from Japan for me, Thank you Amanda :) Enjoy~

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Mix 104 - KPop Ballads

Seo In Guk 서인국 - 사랑해 U
2NISE 투나이스 - 왜이래(Feat.낯선)(He Said)
MBLAQ 엠블랙 - Last Luv
Super Junior - 사랑이 이렇게(My All Is In You)
Go Ji Hoo 고지후 - After The Day
Kim Jo Han 김조한 - That's U
Chung Lim 청림  - 가슴이 버여야
Super Junior - 응결 (Coagulation)

My fav on this list is Seo In Guk's 사랑해 U. Enjoy~

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May 19, 2010

Mix 103 - CPop

Huang Xiao Ming - Moopa 暮趴[Remix]
ZUNO - Nothing To Lose(放开我 - 팡카이워)
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 調皮的愛神
Huang Xiao Ming - My Happiness does Not Charge a Fee 我的快乐不收费
Alan Kuo - Sweet Heart
Wu Jia Hui - 聽聽
G.E.M Tang - 我不懂愛
The Drifters - 爆炸頭星球

It's been hard finding cpop out there..good stuff anyway. On this list, is Zuno, Xiah Junsu's twin brother...Enjoy~

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Mix 102 - KPop Ballads

f(x) - Sorry (Dear. Daddy)
Ab에비뉴 - 연극이 끝난 후
Seo In Guk 서인국 - 마지막 생일
A-Brother - Love You
2PM - Without U
더블 케이 (Double K) - 너의 숨결
Swings - Normal (Feat. Rimi)

F(x) a great album to listen to. Also worth listening to is Seo In Guk. Enjoy~

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May 18, 2010

Mix 101 - KPop

Brain Joo - In My Head
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Fiesta(Feat.Sean2Slow)
Jungin 정인 - Girls On Shock (Feat.Enzo.B & 하주연 of Jewelry)
E.Via 이비아 - 쉐이크 (Shake)!
f(x) - 아이스크림 (Ice Cream)
더블 케이 (Double K) - 요즘 (Crazy)
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Boom Boom Boom(Feat.Bobby Kim)
2PM - Don`t Stop Can`t Stop
Dumbfoundead - Clouds (feat.Jay Park & Clara)

Nice tracks, can't get Ice Cream out of my head...maybe cause I'm a dessert person. Brian Joo covers Jason Derulo's In My Head. JD even went to Korea and did a duet of the song with Brian on TV, nice! I added Clouds for you Jay Park fans out there. Enjoy~

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Mix 100 - JPop

Tomohisa Yamashita 山下智久 - Moon Light
lecca Feat. 九州男 - TSUBOMI
Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) - miss you, girl
4minute - Muzik (Japanese Ver.)
Xiah Junsu - 「悲しみのゆくえ 5年後のラブレター Special version
Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye
Tomohisa Yamashita 山下智久 - Crush On You

This list is Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye for the release of I.R.I.S for Japanese viewing. My fav is Xiah Junsu of TVXQ with his ballad 悲しみのゆくえ 5年後のラブレタ which will be the theme song for a drama. Enjoy~

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May 10, 2010

Mix 098 - CPop Ballads

Huang Xiao Ming - The Message, 风声
Alien Huang - The Most Romantic Song on the Earth, 地球上最浪漫的一首歌
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 匿名的好友
Da Mouth 大嘴巴 - SHINING
TOP COMBINE - 再见了我的爱
A-Lin - 完整的浪漫
Zhang Jie - Valentine's Day, 情人節

It's been a long time since I did cpop,it's hard finding current cpop out there! Enjoy~

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Mix 097 - KPop Ballads

Brown Eyed Soul 브라운아이드 소울 - Blowin' My Mind
Chic 시크 - Lovely (With Soulman)
Bobby Kim 바비킴 - Empty (Feat. Ali, 권정열 of 10cm)
Chic 시크 - 날사랑했던네가
Brown Eyed Soul 브라운아이드 소울 - 비켜줄게
조성욱 - 못났죠
Monday Kidz 먼데이키즈 - 왜..하필

This playlist is for anyone that loves that old soul sound. BES reminds me a little like Marvin Gaye. enjoy~

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May 7, 2010

Mix 096 - JPop

AZU - love groovin' feat.KURO(from HOME)
Spontania - TAKE My Heart (Remix)
Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) - RANDA
AZU - Oh Baby feat. 草川瞬
Tohoshinki - Checkmate (Yunho From 東方神起)
Spontania - 「サヨナラ…」
Koda Kumi - Shake It Up [HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix]

I've been sitting on this, forgot all about it! Enjoy~

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April 25, 2010

Mix 095 - KPop Ballads

Rain 비 - One
Swings - Would You Still Love Me
Joe Brown - I Can't Move
민경훈 - It`s Alright
Rain 비 - 똑같아(Same)
2NISE 투나이스 - 왜이래 (Feat. 낯선)(He Said)
포맨(4Men) - Love Is
Gummy 거미 - 사랑은 없다
Chic 시크 - 습관처럼

More ballads for you..of course, lovin' Rain! Enjoy~

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April 21, 2010

Mix 094 - KPop

Girls Generation 소녀시대  - Echo
Rain 비 - Hip Song
After School 애프터 스쿨 - 뱅(Bang)!
Hyori Lee 이효리 - Highlight (feat. Bizzy)
LMNOP 엘레메노피 - 넌 몰라 (Feat. Outsider, Kuan)
2NISE 투나이스 - U R Ma Girl
Chung Lim 청림  - Face
LMNOP 엘레메노피 - 엘레메노피 쏭 (Lmnop Song)
Hyori Lee 이효리 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (feat. Ceejay of Freshboyz)

I'm loving the first few songs. Rain is the total performer, he keeps up with what's hot and always provides a good dance performance. After School did a good job with this mini album..they took months to learn the snare drum and performed a routine for their comeback. Hyori Lee released her Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as her comeback but I enjoyed Highlight more. I included the former just because it was her comeback song. Enjoy~

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Mix 093 - KPop Ballads

Rain 비 - 널 붙잡을 노래
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Dream
어니스트(Ernest) - Because I`m Weary
지연 [티아라] - 또르르
2NISE 투나이스 - 그대만 보고 그대만 안고 그대만 사랑할게요
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Super Soul
Hyori Lee 이효리 - Feel The Same
Jungin 정인 - 고마워 (Feat. 남자친구)

Been holding onto songs cause I've been busy with junk. But you HAVE to listen to this list. Rain with his comeback song 널 붙잡을 노래 and Gil Hak Mi's songs Dream and Super Soul. A lot of people call her the kpop Rhianna and her sound certainly does sound like Rhianna.
Finally, shout out to Patrick! Found out he's listening to my playlists, thanks :) I'd love to hear what you like and if you listen to the jpop and cpop as well...

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April 10, 2010

Mix 092 - JPop Mix

Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) - もう言えないLOVE SONG
Dohzi-T 童子-T - ‘z‚¢ feat.YU-A
Vanness Wu - Reason
Tohoshinki - 時ヲ止メテ (Tokiwo Tomete - 시간을 멈춰서)
alan - Over the clouds

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Mix 091 - KPop Ballads

Girls Generation 소녀시대 - 별별별 (☆★☆) (Acoustic R&B Ver.)
허밍 어반 스테레오 (Humming Urban Stereo) - 봄날의 사케 (Feat. Sugar Flow)
Jungin 정인 - Show! (Feat. Alex & Tablo)
Big Mama 빅마마 - 우리, 결혼해요
민경훈 - It`s Alright
Rb-Free Code Combination - 바람 (Classic Peek)
Big Mama 빅마마 - 하루만
Kan Jong Wook/간종욱 - 바보라서

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March 28, 2010

Mix 090 - KPop

블링블링(Bling Bling) - Love Baby
Daybreak - Urban Life Style (New Day Ver.)
Oneway (원웨이) - Magic
Eun Ji Won 은지원 - 술김에...
2NE1 - Try And Copy Me
Girls Generation 소녀시대 - Run Devil Run
Epik High - Run
A-Brother - Run
원써겐 (1sagain)  - Love Me Love Me (Feat. 김현민)
머큐리(Mercury) - 어떡해 (Feat. 예슬)

My fav on this playlist is Oneway's Magic. Love the mv! I hope they make an English track for this song since they are native English speakers. Enjoy~

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March 24, 2010

Mix 089 - KPop Ballads

4 Men - First Kiss
Red Soul - Ting
B2st - Easy
Swings - Femme Fatale (Feat. Tyra, Been)
Oneway (원웨이) - 없는 번호
포맨(4Men) - Baby Baby (Remix)
Red Soul 레드 소울 - 뒤로 걸어요
Kara 카라  - Lonely
Epik High - 바보

I'm in love with 4 Men, they do acapella versions to their songs. Big surprise for this playlist is Epik High with their mellow track, 바보 (Fool). Enjoy~

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March 23, 2010

Mix 088 - CPop

大嘴巴 Da Mouth - Rock it
TOP COMBINE - Party Time
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 新流感
Alien Huang - Love Hero, 爱的英雄
JJ Lin - X
大嘴巴 Da Mouth - TURN UP THE MUSIC

I love these artists, but mostly Top Combine from China for putting out their music. I love their sound. The last track is from FAMA which is a Cantonese group but I love this beat. Enjoy~

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Mix 087 - CPop Ballads

A-Lin - 快樂生活
Show Luo 羅志祥 - 生理時鐘 biological clock
大嘴巴 Da Mouth - 牽心的朋友 HOLDING HEARTS
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 絕對達令
Wu Jia Hui - 要你說愛我
Alien Huang - I Don’t Want to Live Forever, 我不要长生不老
Li Jian - 我的朋友

Ballads for you. Enjoy~

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March 15, 2010

Mix 086 - JPop

Dohzi-T 童子-T - 4 ever
Vanness Wu - Hyper Car
Dohzi-T 童子-T - Get Ready feat.Baby.M, MANDOZA
Rainie Yang レイニー・ヤン - 戀の魔法
Vanness Wu - Purple Rain
Tomohisa Yamashita 山下智久 - Run From You
Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) - 明日への詩 (うた)
Dohzi-T 童子-T - オン ザ Mic ~Ruler達のタワゴト~ feat.K.I.N, Mummy-D, KOHEI JAPAN

A little jpop for you. Dohzi-T has a fantastic album, I've added three tracks! My sis was wondering why Chinese artists are going to Japan. I think they're going to Japan because the Chinese market is over saturated. Also, Japanese fans are obsessive and support the artists by buying music and products that feature them. What do you think? Enjoy~

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March 11, 2010

Mix 085 - KPop

Girls Generation 소녀시대 - Show! Show! Show!
유키스(U-Kiss) - Dancing Flow
B2st 비스트 - Special
2PM - Crazy4S
Hong Kyung Min 홍경민 - 진이 (Feat. 유미, 하주연 Of 쥬얼리)
Big Bang - Lollipop Pt.2
B2st 비스트 - Shock
Kara 카라 - 루팡(Lupin)
Tarae - Two Job

Some nice songs for you. Enjoy~

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March 3, 2010

Mix 084 - CPop Ballads

Show Luo 羅志祥 - In You Eyes ft 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang
Yu Hao Ming/hao Ming/俞灝明 - 要多美丽有多美丽
TOP COMBINE - 和风说话的孩子
JJ Lin - 背對背擁抱
Chen Kun 陈坤 - 镜子
Zhang Jie - Replay, 重播
Alien Huang - The Most Romantic Song on the Earth
A-Lin - 快樂生活

Was waiting for Top Combine to come out and it's a good album. My fav song here is the first track with Show Luo and Rainie Yang, In Your Eyes. enjoy~

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March 2, 2010

Mix 083 - KPop Ballads

우스룰즈 (House Rulez) - 겨울이야기
High Syde 하이사이드 - In Seoul
Untouchable 언터쳐블 - 가슴에 살아 (feat. 나르샤 Of Brown Eyed Girls)
J. Ae 제이 - 듣기 예널사랑했을까?
High Syde 하이사이드 - High Syde
J. Ae 제이 - NO.5(Feat.은지원)
(Super Junior-Kyu Hyun) - 듣죠..그대를
Lui - Come Back To Me


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March 1, 2010

Mix 082 - CPop

Magic Power - 专属魔力 (feat.郭采洁)
Show Luo 羅志祥 - WOW ft 蕭亞軒 Elva Hsiao
Wonder Girls - So Hot (中文版)
Show Luo 羅志祥 - 羅生門 Rashomon
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 青春鬥
Magic Power - Summer
Wonder Girls - Nobody(中文版)
Show Luo 羅志祥 - 愛的主場秀 love home show

Here's some cpop for you. I've been having a hard time with cpop since my favorite friends are gone :(
Listen to Show Luo's album,it's HOT! and Top Combine finally came out with a 2009 album. Great group, this is what I hope to hear more of in cpop. Enjoy~

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Mix 081 - JPop

Toshinobu Kubota - Tomorrow Waltz
TVXQ -Tohoshinki - 時ヲ止メテ
Hikaru Utada 宇多田ヒカル - Stay Gold
FT Island - I Believe Myself
Toshinobu Kubota - Star Light
TERIYAKI BOYZ - SWEET GIRL feat.DONDRIA (so so def JD remix)

Some nice ballads... been slacking on my jpop, My fav is Toshinobu Kubuta's Tomorrow Waltz...reminds me of a 70's RnB song. Enjoy~

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February 7, 2010

Mix 080 - KPop Ballads

2AM - I Love You(feat. 백찬, 주희 of 8eight)
포맨 (Four Men) - Magic Body
Brian - Lock Me Up
Eun Ji Won/은지원 - 설레임
T-ara - Good Person
트랙스(Trax) - 아직은...나 (I Can Change)
디아 (Dia) - Another Boy
크루셜 스타 (Crucial Star) - iPod Girl (Feat. Pento)

More ballads for you..Love 2AM, Enjoy~

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Mix 079 - KPop

Daybreak - 좋다
Every Single Day - Lucky Day
C.N.BLUE - I’m a Loner (외톨이야 )
T-ara - 너너너
F.Cuz - Jiggy (지기)
Dok 2 - Rob It (feat. Double K)
2AM - 그녀에게 (feat. 찬성 of 2PM)
크루셜 스타 (Crucial Star) - I Just Want U
Shoo/슈 - Sexy Motion

This playlist starts out with some nice indie type songs that have caught my ear. My fav on this list is Daybreak's 좋다 and Dok2's Rob It. Dok2 uses some great music for his raps. His album is available on iTunes along with Epik High. enjoy~

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February 1, 2010

Mix 078 - JPop

Supernova - saturday LUV
青山 テルマ (Aoyama Thelma) feat. 태양 (Tae Yang) - Fall in Love
F.T Island - Raining
Supernova - Last Kiss
Yuya Matsushita - Trust Me
Teriyaki Boyz - 5th Element(KOZM remix) feat.CORNELIUS
Xiah Junsu of TVXQ 東方神起 - Xiahtic
Supernova - Aiuta

Everyone is in love with anything Big Bang or TVXQ and I'm not different. Listen to Fall in Love for Tae Yang from BB but you need to listen to Xiahtic for my idol Xiah Junsu from TVXQ. Another nice surprise, FT Island. Enjoy~

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Mix 077 - KPop Ballads

Lee Jae Hoon - 겨울풍경 (Guitar ver.)
F.T Island - A Song For You
Shoo/슈 - With Me (Song For 酱 With 官促
Nadia 나디아 - 사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다...
Park Tae Jin 구해줘 - 구해줘
F.T Island - 남의 속도 모르고
아이유(IU) & 나윤권 - 첫사랑이죠
Daesung 대성 - Cotton Candy
Daybreak - 좋다

Sorry for the long breaks, holidays and getting back to the groove is just tough. Here's a different kind of ballad playlist, more on the pop alternative (?) side than my usual pop RnB style. My fav is DaeSung with his ukelele song and Daybreak's 좋다 cause they're catchy tunes. I have a couple of FT Island tracks here, fell in love with Hongki after watching him on You're Beautiful. ~enjoy!

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January 6, 2010

Mix 076 - KPop

Brian Feat. 슈프림 팀 - 내 여자
Naomi/나오미 - 사랑을 잃다 (Club Mix)
T-ara - Tic Tic Toc
Honey Family - Siro
Brian Feat. Day Day - Tell Me Baby
T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
Eun Ji Won/은지원 - Favorite
Brian Feat. Tablo
Mithra 眞 - 친구의 여자를 사랑했네
Ivy 아이비 - You Are The Ace (feat. JR Groove)

Some kpop for you..Love Brian Joo...could be I love vocorder music too...Enjoy~

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Mix 075 - JPop

Supernova - Feel It
Jay'ed - This Summertime
Shoto Shimizu/清水翔太 - 君が好き
Tohoshinki - Break Out!
Supernova - S.E.C.R.E.T.
Kana Nishino - もっと...
Mika Nakashima/中島美嘉 - 流れ星

Jpop collection, Supernova is my fav jpop album at the moment. And listen to Tohoshinki's new single, Break Out! Always Keep the Faith YoonJaeSu...Enjoy~

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Mix 074 - CPop Ballads

Go Go Club/兄弟联 - 给你我的爱
Vicki Zhao 赵薇 - 大导演
Joi Chua - Hui Dao Zui Chu (Back To The Start)
Magic Power - 我是谁 我是谁 我是谁
Yu Hao Ming/俞灝明 - 我没那么帅
Joi Chua - Yan Qian Yu (Raining Beyond The Eaves)
Zhang Li Yin장리인 - 晴天, 雨天 (Moving On)
Yu Hao Ming/俞灝明 - 多云转晴

Some more ballads...Enjoy~

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Mix 073 - KPop Ballads

B2ST - 아직은
DNT - 내가 죽어도
Honey Family - Your Eyes (feat. 성진 From Space Cowboy)
Jungsuk/정석 - 남자이야기
Lee Seung Gi - 사랑이 맴돈다
Brian Joo - One Step
After School - When I Fall
Yu Hao Ming/俞灝明 - 陷入爱里面 (韩语版)
Lee Jae Hoon - 5분 전 (Re-Cut)

Hangin' on to a bunch of music. Here's some nice ballads for you to get back into you the groove now that the holidays are over. I ran across Yu Hao Ming's song by chance while I was listening to his Chinese album. Of course gotta love Brian's Manifold album cause it's full of great tracks, a couple of them in English. Enjoy~

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