October 30, 2009

Mix 065 - CPop Ballads

ELVA Hsiao - Dao Shu (Countdown)
Evan Yo - hey!
Vicki Zhao 赵薇 - 游园会
Evan Yo - 日蚀
Peter Pan - Bang Ni Ji De (Help You To Remember)
Joi Chua - Yin Xing Ji Nian (Invisible Memento)
ELVA Hsiao - Tong Bu Hu Xi (Synchronous Breathing)
Zhang Li Yin - Qing Tian
Yu Tian (Moving On)

I love Elva Hsiao. She has the right sound and the right voice for me. hard to find that in a cpop artist. I would say maybe Jolin Tsai but she gets a little old for me. Also a good album is Evan Yo. Enjoy~

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Mix 064 - KPop Ballads

이현욱 - 왜 이래(Feat. Issac Squab)
Tae Yang - Where U At
SHINee - Y.O.U.
Hwanhee - Bring it Back
Knock 노크 - 후유증
SS501 - Obsess (중동...)
SHINee - 내가 사랑했던 이름
B2ST - Oasis
Seo In Gook - Young Love
RUN - 그대는 예뻐요 (Feat. 아이유)

Lots of nice tracks, lovin' 이현욱, Shinee, and Hwanhee...If you love Tae Yang watch his mv for Where U At, tight dance moves. The two dancers behind him are from California. I'm waiting for Hwanhee's Bring It Back mv, he's working a backflip at the beginning of the song (watch youtube). Enjoy~

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October 28, 2009

Mix 063 - CPop

Super Junior M - Super Girl
Dong lai Dong Wang - 改变世界
David Tao - Play (Feat. 萧亚轩)
Go Go Club - 爱的雷达
Yao Yao - 爱的抱抱
Elva Hsiao - Shan Shan Re Ren Ai
Vicki Zhao - Happiness
Evan Yo - 我的宝贝

Cpop for you. Super Junior's Chinese version of Super Girl is fun, although it'll be hard to listen to if you're a native speaker. My fav is Elva Hsiao. Enjoy~

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October 24, 2009

Mix 062 - JPop

Yuya Matcushita/ - 願いがかなうなら...
DJ Kenkaida - Love Train Kei Kohara + Reco
Tohoshinki - Hamaku Hateshinaku
Sweep - Walkin' in the rain
Faren/飛輪海 - Stay with you
JAY'ED - Everybody
Vanness Wu - it's Your Girl
Hiromi/宏実 - STay In Love

Here's some Jpop tracks that have been sitting on my desk. Farenheit, a Taiwanese band is breaking into the Japanese scene. What do you think? Enjoy~

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October 22, 2009

Mix 061 - KPop

f(x)/에프엑스 - Chocolate Love (Electronic Pop ver.)
티아라 & 초신성 - TTL listen 2
Epik High - 따라해 (Wannabe) (feat. Mellow)
Bling Bling - Bye Bye
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
Wheesung - 눈물 쏟고 또 쏟고
B2ST - Bad Girl
RUN - 강력한 그녀 #1
Double U - 눈물백신

Lots of debut groups on this playlist. MBlaq is the new group from Rain's company. And as I mentioned in my previous post, here's the pop version of Chocolate Love. I'm not sure why Koreans have this obsession with chocolate. Wheesung's song is from his album Vocolate and he also had Choco Love on his previous album. Enjoy~

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Mix 060 - KPop Ballads

Scoll/스콜 - 그녀를 보내야 합니다 (Feat. Lady LUNA)
Park Hyo Shin  - 이름 모를 새
Kim Tae Woo - 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (duet with Lyn)
Lee Seung GiL - 단념
Super Junior M - 내일이면 (Blue Tomorrow) (Korean Version)
수호 - 하늘과 땅
Girls' Generation - Chocolate Love (Retro Pop ver.)
SNJ - 왜 우리가 헤어져야 했는지
SSUP - This Crazy Love
SSUP 썹 - 서울에는 없는 바다

Some ballads, my fav of course is Kim Tae Woo track 3, Girls' Generation's Chocolate Love (for a phone ad), and SSUP's 서울에는 없는 바다. f(x) also does Chocolate Love in a dance beat which you'll hear in the next kpop playlist. Enjoy~

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October 14, 2009

Mix 059 - CPop Ballads

Peter Pan - Xiao Tian Tian (Little Sweety)
Thomas Jack - 因为你
Joi Chua - Qian Zuo Hou Zuo (Front Seat
Back Seat)
Thomas Jack - 厚脸皮
Super Junior M - 愛情接力 (You & Me)
Peter Pan - Jin Zai Yan Qian (Sight)
Angela Chang - Bai Bai De (White)
Joe Cheng - Mian Bao De Zi Wei (The Taste of Bread)

Some Chinese ballads...Peter Pan is my fav, great album. Enjoy~

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Mix 058 - English Songs by Asian Artists

Far East Movement - Girls On the Dance Floor
Big Bang - Number 1
Far East Movement - I Party
Far East Movement - Fetish
Vanness Wu - It's your Girl
Epik High - Rocksteady
Epik High - Map the Soul
Stevie Hoang - One Night Only feat. Blac Boi
Stevie Hoang - Ex Player

I've had these songs for awhile and thought I'd share with you. So many Asian artists are trying to break into the English speaking market but none have really gotten attention. With the exception of Big Bang, these artists are fluent in English. Enjoy~

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October 5, 2009

Mix 057 - KPop Ballads

Melody - 다른사람
Taesabiae - 그래도 사랑해 (Feat. 설희)
Loveholics - 나에게 그댄 (영화 ‘호우시절‘ 뮤직비디오 삽입) (Play 강현민)
Tei - From The Heaven
Kim Tae Woo - 점점점(feat. 앙리)
Yoo Seung Chan - 누가 와
Lee Hyun - 다시 사랑하는 날
Shin Ji Hu - 조금만 더 기다려줘
Yoo Seung Chan - Help Me

slow mix with my fav Loveholics' 나에게 그댄, and of course Kim Tae Woo's 점점점 for it's catchy chorus. Enjoy~

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Mix 056 - KPop

Sun - High Inferno
SSUP - Eco Love
N.S 윤지 - 머리 아파 (Full ver.)
전진 - 그 남자 그 여자의 사정 (With 유이 and 숙희)
Lee Pa Ni  - 꿈속의 신부
Super Junior M - Super Girl
Taegoon  - Finally
아인 - Tell Me Why
Yoo Seung Chan - 파도
햄 - T.T Dance

Mixed bag but my fav is Super Junior M's Super Girl. Fell in love with the tune in Chinese and here it is in Korean. I added in T.T Dance only because of the attention it was getting for this debut song of Ham. Enjoy~

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October 3, 2009

Mix 055 - KPop

Delight - Happy Birthday To Me
Kim Tae Woo - Faster (feat. 유비)
T-Max - 원해
Brand New Day - 마스카라
Loveholics - Message From Tokyo (Play Miki (The Indigo)
H - Rainbow
Lee Pa Ni  - 오빠로미오
Epik High - Rocksteady (Korean ver.) (feat. Paloalto, Dok2, Beatbox DG, Beenzino)

Some fun tracks for you. I love Kim Tae Woo's album! And please listen to Loveholics and my other fav, Epik High. Epik High also does this track in English which will be on a future mix of Asian artists performing in English. Enjoy~

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Mix 054 - CPop Ballads

Andrew Tan - 天后
Dong lai Dong Wang - 后世镜
2 Girls - Man Man De Zou
Ferris Person - 穿雨
Andrew Tan - 沿着月光
Weiru Chen - 爱情的魔力
Tanya Chua - Zi You Luo Ti ( Free Fall)
Bear Biscuit - 零柒年 (上半年)& 零柒年 (下半年)

Some chinese ballads...Love Tanya Chua..enjoy~

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