June 27, 2009

Mix 035 - KPop

Ignite - 슨 말을 할 수 있겠니 (Feat. 길건)
Girls' Generation - 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)
Jewelry - Rally (Feat. 낯선)
V.O.S. - To Luv... (Feat. 2PM 재범)
Yeon Woo - 습관 (Feat. 지윤)
Ignite - Delight (Feat. 이지선)
Untouchable - 월요병 (feat. 화영)
Swagger - Shake

I'm feelin' like this is the dance mix. Enjoy~

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June 26, 2009

Mix 034 - KPop Ballads

Namolla Family - 전화하지마 (Feat. 태인)
Steady-B - Empty Love (Feat. Ra.D)
Untouchable - My Boo (feat. 전효성, 한선화)
A-Brother - My Lover (Feat. 정석, 호연)
J-One 제이원 - For You
8eight - 울고 싶어 우는 사람이 있겠어
선우선 - 지금와… (더 늦기 전에)
Baek Ho 백호 - She`s Mine (Feat. MKAY A.K.A Choi Mun Ki)

The ballads mix... I like 선우선 whose track is from a compilation, Love Tonic. I'd like to hear what your favorite song is, leave a comment. If you're lazy, just check the rating box below to tell me how you liked the mix. Enjoy~

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June 21, 2009

Mix 033 - KPop

Nude Sound Unit - Party Nation (C/W)
Chae Yeon - 흔들려
Baek Ho - Gorgeous Baby (feat. KZ)
Kara - 똑 같은 맘
어게인 - 603 (feat. MC K, 서연)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Get Away (Feat. $howgun)
SHINee - 줄리엣 (Juliette)
김태우 - 기억과 추억 (Feat. 준형, 호영)
Untouchable - Wassup
4minute - Hot Issue

A great first song to wake you up. I love dance music! Included in this playlist are a lot of new releases. Most tracks that I put up are within a couple of weeks of their release dates. 4 Minute is the latest girl group to debut in the kpop scene. My favorite track besides Party Nation is Gorgeous Baby. Something about that hook, so catchy. Enjoy~

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June 19, 2009

Mix 032 - CPop

Knights of Prince - 冒險世界 (Fantasy Version)
Lin Zheng Hao - 我の主打歌
Choc 7 - 等什麼
Tank - 繃帶俱樂部
Evonne Hsu - 愛極限
Rickman Xie - I See You
Cong Hao Nan - 我不是偶像
Nicholas Teo - 男人不坏
Xiao Yu - 漂亮女孩

Don't know if you noticed but I feel that the cpop scene is really starting to evolve. Hope this keeps up... I'd listen to more cpop if I can find more hip hop or dance tunes. Enjoy~

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June 17, 2009

Mix 031 - CPop

Future Bicycle - 秋幻想
Travel Band - Deng Ni Chi Fan
Happy Circle - Hello Tomorrow
Future Bicycle - 夏夜
Deserts Chang - Beautiful Woman
Happy Circle - Ban Diao Zi
Sun Xiao Yi - 爱情么么曲

This is a collection of what is more pop/alternative than the usual stuff I put up. Most of these artists are relatively new to the scene except for Deserts Chang. Her voice reminds me of Faye Wong. Deserts Chang's previous albums are full of nice ballads, check it out. If you enjoy this style on the playlist, you might want to listen to Korean artist Seo Taji. Enjoy~

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June 16, 2009

Mix 030 - JPop

Tiana Xiao - Kanashii Uso
Speed - S.P.D.
May J. - Crescent Moon -Daishi Dance remix
Daichi Miura - Delete My Memories
Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu - Looking your Eyes
Vanness Wu - Cinderella
Yuna Ito - Groovyx2
Daichi Miura - Damn
Kana Nishino - Kimi ni Aitaku naru kara
WISE - Can't Stop (feat. SPEECH)


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June 8, 2009

Mix 029 - CPop Ballads

Vinx Lin - 是不是你
Lin Zheng Hao - 唱首情歌
Happy Circle - Happy Circle
Kimi - 三月
Zhang Yun Jing - 黑裙子
Tank - 陽光美眉
Evonne Hsu Hui Xin - 平凡的浪漫
Rickman Xie - 都说你最好
Vinx Lin - 手心引力
Kay Huang - 你是唯一 (feat.阿达)

The first track feels like summer, Vinx Lin's mini album contains only 4 tracks all of them ballads but all of them nice. Listen to Happy Circle, also only 4 tracks (not including the kala versions), for their indie sound. Lastly if you're liking the last track by Kay Huang, you can hear her other works in OST music from The Hospital and 101st Proposal (China version). I like her song here because it's got a lounge feel. Enjoy~

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June 3, 2009

Mix 028 - KPop Ballads

Nude Sound Unit - Eternal Sunshine
Dok2 - B Ma Friend (feat.Jinbo)
어게인 - 한걸음
SHINee - 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Cry
Hwayobi - Once
Oh Jung Hyuk - 어느덧 일주일
Dok2 - Take My Hand (Feat. D.N.G)
Hyo - 3 - 33 AM
SHINee - 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)

Not much to say for this playlist. The SHINee songs are from their just released Romeo album. If you like the tracks by Dok2 you should check out the rest of the album. It contains alot of instrumentals which I like. Enjoy~

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