May 28, 2009

Mix 027 - JPop

w-inds - Rain Is Fallin` (Feat. G-Dragon of Big Bang)
Micro - Iz This Love?
Utada Hikaru - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence -FYI
Miss Monday - 純愛百景II feat. 童子-T
加藤ミリヤ・清水翔太 - Love Forever
w-inds - You Are..
Vanness Wu - Hello Super Star
ONE☆DRAFT - ターミナルII (Feat. Macheri)
加藤ミリヤ・清水翔太 - Looking your eyes

I'm lovin' Micro's Space Rhythm 1 album. The song I included is a nice electronic beat but the album itself is diverse. Also lovin' Utada Hikaru who is trying to break into the US market. You may know her songs if you're playing Kingdom Hearts II. My favorite track on the list though is Vanness Wu's Hello Super Star. He's only an average singer and his Chinese music is hit and miss. However, I liked the three tracks he has in his Only album. Listen to his lyrics in Hello Super Star...does anyone in Japan know what Reeses Pieces are? Hahahaha, I love the reference, he sounds like a nerd. Enjoy~

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May 26, 2009

Mix 026 - CPop Ballads

Hit 5 - I Want U to Know
Song Nian Yu - 愛上
Z-Chen Chang - Di Si Zhe (Party Of Four)
Hit 5 - Say You Love Me Again
A Chao 阿超 - 讓我依賴
Kenji Wu - Ba Xin La Jin 把心拉近
Wilber Pan - Everytime's Goodtime
Sun Xiao Yi 孙笑一 - 爱情么么曲

Listen to Hit 5, although they need to keep working on vocals, they have great potential. Track 6 is Kenji Wu's latest single release,把心拉近...patiently waiting for his full album. Lastly another nice song from Wilber Pan from his 007 album, Everytime's Goodtime. Enjoy~

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May 23, 2009

Mix 025 - CPop

Kimi - 乱
JS - Somewhere (Justin Version)
Sandee Chan + Kimmy Chan - 雙陳記
Travel Band - Oh My story
青鸟飞鱼 - 怪怪女
SS - 单身party
MC HotDog - 我愛 Yes Girl (Feat. 馬念先)
Y-Star - Speak of Love 说爱的时间
Vincent Chiao 焦恩俊 - 功夫 (Remix)

Not much to say about this mix but if artists can keep producing songs like this I'd listen a lot more. Still, this collection leans more towards pop and electro than hip hop. Enjoy~

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May 21, 2009

Mix 024 - KPop Ballads

Naco - Ma Girl (Feat. 엄정화)
AJ - 눈물을 닦고
Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
Big Bang - A fool's Only Tears
Namolla Family - 전화하지마 (Feat. 태인)
정영주 - 사랑이 싫어
Oh Jung Hyuk - 사랑이 그래요
TaeGoon - Call Me (Remix) (Feat. H-Eugene)
Yellow Paint - 봄은 찾아오는데 (Feat. Amy Boat)
Hwa Young - 기다려 봐야죠
Na Yoon Kwon 나윤권 - 미행

This playlists contains two tracks that you may have heard before. Wonder Girls' Nobody and Taegoon's Call Me were originally released as a fast tempo song but these versions are almost better than the originals. Enjoy~

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May 19, 2009

Mix 023 - KPop

Chae Yeon - 흔들려
DJ Shine - Right Round (Feat. 가비앤제이)
LOOK - 내팔은 다이아 (Feat. 서정환) (Remix)
TaeGoon - Bye Bye
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara (Ji Yeon) 씨야 & 다비치 & 티아라 (지연) - 영원한 사랑
Jun Jin - 바보처럼 (Feat. 이시영, PJ JUN)
Answer - All Round Player
Yeonryun - 슬로우간지
어게인 - 603 (feat. MC K, 서연)

Anyone listening to Flo Rida? Here's Dj Shine's cover of Right Round. Not bad as a cover, the mini album features remixes of the song as well as Flo Rida's version. Also on here is Taegoon's mini album which I'm liking. I'll be adding his Call Me remix on the next ballad list. Finally,I had to add the theme song from "Cinderella Man" to the list because I'm lovin' the drama. Enjoy~

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May 15, 2009

Mix 022 - JPop

Miss Monday - Love Is The Only Solution
Bonnie Pink (feat. Craig David) - Fed Up
Miss Monday - Harmony
Kat-Tun - Water Dance
Exile - Generation
JuJu - 明日がくるなら
Ai-Ozaki - 会うまで
Ai-Ozaki - 陽はまた昇る
Soffet - 蒼空バラッド -Silent Blue Radio Edit-

Miss Monday's album, Love & the Light, is full of great tracks and these are my two favorite songs off the album. But my absolute favorite songs on this list are by Ai Ozaki. She just has this soulful sound about her songs. Which is your favorite song? Look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy~

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May 14, 2009

Mix 021 - KPop

Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun - Salad Days
타루 - Bling Bling
Jung Young Ju - Dream of You
Jun Jin - Hey Ya!
Oh Jung Hyuk - We Be The One
2NE1 - Fire
SeeYa & Davichi & T-ara (Ji Yeon) 씨야 & 다비치 & 티아라 (지연) - 여성시대
Super Junior - It's You
Girls' Generation 소녀시대 - Destiny
이그나이트 - Delight
LOOK - 내팔은 다이아 (Feat. 서정환) (Remix)
Park Hye Kyung - I am unattractive

If you keep up with kpop news, 2NE1 has been getting a lot of attention as the new girl band. Their song, Fire, isn't bad but I like Jun Jin's (of Shinwa) comeback song, Hey Ya!. But the best on this playlist is 타루 with Bling Bling. It's a happy track that gets me running. Enjoy~

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May 12, 2009

Mix 020 - TVXQ Love!!!


どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?-THE LEVEL remix-
Hey! Girl
I Never Let Go
Mind and Soul
Two Hearts
Try My Love

Ahh, where to start? I'm in love with TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki. The first song that caught my attention a couple of years ago was Hey! Girl. I listened to their other previous albums and wasn't thrilled. A couple years later (now), I came across their concert performance of Proud and I was hooked!!! First their vocals are an almost perfect combination. Second, they are an a capella group. Third, I'm a sucker for boys that cry but that's another story. I think Jae Joong and Junsu's voices are strong and exceptional, they sing live and sound consistent to their recorded songs. I've come to appreciate how hard they work after watching some of their concert performances. They dance and sing non stop for a good 20 minutes and sound great. This playlist consists of only ballads and may have been featured in my previous playlists but this is me showin' love! Enjoy~

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May 4, 2009

Mix 019 - CPop Ballads

Steve Chou - 臨別一眼
Fahrenheit - 你應該被珍惜
Hannah Kim - 呼吸 愛
Steve Chou - 關不上的窗
Huang Chong Xu - 我们的故事
Elva Hsiao - Ba Xin Fang Jin Lai
Wilber Pan - Be With You (feat. Akon)
Wilber Pan - 双人舞
Jia Li Yi - 旋转门
Afalean Lu 卢学叡 - 情流感
Fahrenheit - 默默

I had to put this playlist up right away because I got hold of Wilber Pan's new singles. I love his style (so RnB and his raps are not bad either) and the fact that he is singing Akon's song, Be with You. I initially wanted his single for this song but I'm loving his other song, 双人舞, for it's catchy tune. He's an American born Taiwanese born in West Virginia. Afalean Lu is another artist (I mentioned A Chord Hsieh in the last entry) that made it to the Top 10 Mandarin albums of the last week of April. Thank you to my friends Aoi and Ai for supplying my music addiction! Enjoy~

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Mix 018 - CPop Alternative

Princess Ai - White Lies
May Day - 如煙
Fusion - 我的爱呢?
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 无法定义
at17 - 我們很快樂 (國語)
Fun4 - 愛的鼓勵
A Chord Hsieh 謝和弦 - 关于
Sodagreen - 日光

Okay, I wasn't sure what to call this mix...not my usual hip hop or dance flavor and not what I think of as pop or rock. Anyway, take a listen to this playlist, my favorite is track 3 Fusion's 我的爱呢? reminds me of the band 311. I believe A Chord Hsieh was on the top 10 Mandarin albums for the last week of April. Enjoy~

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May 2, 2009

Mix 017 - CPop

Zhang Jun Ning - I Love This Feeling
Jolin Tsai - 影舞者
BY2 - 新少女祈禱
Afalean Lu - Have Fun
Quincy Chen - 谢谢你捧场
Zhang Jun Ning - 王子的心
Z-Chen Chang - Enchanted
Paisley - Don't Think Just Do
Hins Cheung - 曝光 (Dance Version)

Zhang Jun Nin, aka Peter Pan, has released another new album called 小飞侠 and is very different from his previous work. I like this album because of the upbeat tracks. You may notice that the last track is a Cantonese song by Hins Cheung. Too bad, his latest album is Cantonese....hope he'll release another Mandarin album next time. Enjoy~

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