December 28, 2011

Mix 248 - KPop Ballads

Tablo 타블로 - Tomorrow (feat. 태양)
Infinite 인피니트 - 파라다이스 (Paradise)
Wonder Girls - Dear Boy
T-ARA - Cry Cry (Ballad Ver.)
Son Ho Young 손호영  - 이 바보야 (feat. 치유)
Secret 시크릿  - Neverland
My Q 마이큐 - 나 너를 사랑하나봐(feat. 공효진)
Hyuna & JS - 아무렇지 않니

I wish Taeyang could collaborate with other artists. I'm waiting for his next solo album. JS's song as requested. Enjoy~

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Mix 249 - CPop

Miss A - Goodbye Baby
M.I.C.男團 - Get It Hot
LOLLIPOP F - Magic(魔幻)
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 爱说谎的狼
Xian Zi 弦子 - 逆风的蔷薇
Tanya Chua - 別找我麻煩
Bibi Zhou 周筆暢 - 黑蘋果
M.I.C.男團 - 非常21世紀
Xian Zi 弦子 - 我要去旅行
Anson Hu 胡彥斌 - Life

A long playlist this time since I don't get as much cpop. I do like M.I.C.男團's album. Enjoy~
This is the revised version..the first time it was doubled by my publisher. Sorry! Thank you Xavier for giving me that heads up!!

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December 26, 2011

Mix 247 - JPop

Shota Shimizu - マダオワラナイ
Arashi - together, forever
Chemistry - Sweet Pain
AKB48 - ゴンドラリフト
Exile - Ooo Baby
Perfume - レーザービーム (Album-mix)
The Boss 大國男児 - Love Days


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December 21, 2011

Mix 246 - KPop XMAS

MBLAQ - White Forever
Cho Ha Rang 조하랑 - White Luv
Urban Zakapa 어반 자카파  - Snowing (베스킨라빈스 CF 삽입곡)
Rhythmist - 첫눈 오는 날 (First Snow Day Coming) Feat. 체리
Kim Yeo Hee 김여희  - December (Feat.Paloalto)
Han So A  - 하얗게 물들다
DML 디엠엘 - 눈이 와서 개슬퍼 (Feat. 소혜)
Lee Seung Chul & Christina Love Lee 이승철 & 크리스티나 러브 리 - I Believe

Here's the kpop winter playlist! Happy Holidays ^_^ Enjoy~

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Mix 245 - JPop XMAS

TVXQ 동방신기 - Winter Rose
Tiara - WINTER GIFT with MIHIRO ~マイロ~
SECRET - CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Starlight Moonlight)
KARA - ウィンターマジック
Tiara - 一人きりのクリスマス
Super Junior - Snow White
Shimizu Shota 清水翔太 - Winter Love Song

Everyone comes out with winter time songs, here are a few nice ones :) Enjoy~

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December 18, 2011

Mix 244 - JPop by KPop

SECRET - Shy Boy
T-ARA - LOVE ME! ~あなたのせいで狂いそう
INFINITE - BTD (Before The Dawn)
ZE:A - Daily Daily
MBLAQ 엠블랙 - Your Luv -Wasabii Remix-
C.N.Blue - MR.KIA(Know It All)
4Minute - Ready Go
SHINee - Better
2PM - Crazy In Love


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December 10, 2011

Mix 243 - English by Asians

Jin Akinishi 赤西仁 - Test Drive feat. Jason Derulo
윤미래 (T) - Get It In (Feat. Smokey Robotic)
Girls' Generation - The Boys
Eddie - Over feat. Kayoko
Che'Nelle - ウィズアウト・ユー ~さよなら夏の日
Wonder Girls - Nu Shoes
Tablo 타블로 - Dear TV / 해열
Clazziquai Project - Fiesta

Here's some cool songs. Hope Jin Akinishi can make it in the US market. Enjoy~

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December 7, 2011

Mix 242 - JPop

Yuka Masaki (真崎ゆか) - Change Myself
Lil'B - 未来 ~Tomorrow~
KG - Show Me What You've Got
DOUBLE - Tattoo
TEE - Baby I Love You
The Boss 大国男児 Daikoku Danji - わすれない

hmm, why didn't I do this before? So much clearer for you to see the information. I guess I was afraid it would take up too much space in the entry. I decided to separate the Kpop artists from the Jpop list since they're flooding the market now. Big thank you to Xavier for teaching me how to improve this blog!! Enjoy~

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December 5, 2011

Mix 241 - CPop Ballads

Jay Chou 周杰伦 - Mine Mine
Eric Suen 孙耀威 - 最好的安排
Anson Hu 胡彥斌 - 一萬光年
Tanya Chua - 舊行李
M.I.C.男團 - You Are So Cute
Bibi Zhou 周筆暢 - 月亮的背面
Orange Caramel - The day you went away (第一次愛的人)

Thought I'd try listing artist information differently. Love love love Jay Chou's Mine Mine...and just discovered M.I.C. Enjoy~

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December 2, 2011

Mix 240 - KPop

Secret 시크릿 - Bastard
N. Sonic 엔소닉 - Super Boy
Miss A - 다시 사랑
C Real 씨리얼 - No Thank U
Wheesung 휘성 - UUU
Park Seung Min 박성민 - Beautiful Girl
Girls' Generation - Say Yes
Orange Caramel - 샹하이 로맨스 (上海之戀)
Super Junior - Oops! (feat. F(x) )


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December 1, 2011

Mix 239 - KPop Ballads

Brown Eyed Girls - 불편한 진실
C Real 씨리얼 - 내 남자친구에겐
TRAX - 창문 (Blind)
G.NA - Without You
Lydia - 못난이의 사랑
Cheoi Jeong Cheol  - Fall In Love
2nise 투나이스  - 그 말
Jeong Yeop 정엽  - 눈물나

Sorry, I've been busy with the holidays upon us. Just got back from the Kpop Masters concert in Las Vegas and it was GREAT!! G.Na and Brown Eyed Girls performed as well as B2st, MBLAQ, SHINee and TVXQ! My dreams have come true :) Enjoy~

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November 22, 2011

Mix 238 - JPop by KPop

C.N.Blue - In My Head
T-ARA - Bo Peep Bo Peep
2NE1 - Lonely
Rainbow - A
MBLAQ - Baby U!
Super Junior-M - Perfection
KARA - ウィスパー
SHINee(シャイニー)  - Lucifer

Kpop artists doing jpop.. Enjoy~

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November 18, 2011

Mix 237 - CPop

Super Junior M 슈퍼주니어 엠 - 表白 (Off My Mind)
Miss A 弥叉 미쓰에이 - Love Again 再爱一次
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - Looking My Eye
Miss A 弥叉 미쓰에이 - Breathe
Guo Shu Yao - Honey
Jay Chou 周杰伦 - 迷魂曲
Shine - 地球愛月球

Super Junior and Guo Shu Yao for those fans listening :) I love Miss A!! JYP was really thinking ahead when he formed this group. With two native Chinese speakers, the songs are easy on the ears (language wise). Enjoy~

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November 16, 2011

Mix 236 - CPop Ballads

Eric Suen 孙耀威  - You And I
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 就是爱你
JPM - 因為有你
Vanness Wu - Happiness
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 恋人的祝福
Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 - 別再驚動愛情
Anson Hu 胡彥斌 - 愛情總是猜得到開頭猜不到結尾
Jerry 羅百吉 - 帶我看星星


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November 14, 2011

Mix 235 - JPop

2PM - Ultra Lover
Double - Slave of Love
HOME MADE 家族 - ぬくもり
Tohoshinki 東方神起 - Duet
Ms.Ooja - Life (Mitomi Tokoto NACO REMIX)
KARA - ウィンターマジック
KG - Baby, Baby, Love

2PM for Kayto, thanks for listening! Enjoy~

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November 10, 2011

Mix 234 - English by Asians

Vanness Wu - Knockin'
Aziatix - Say Yeah
Park Jay Bum - Demon
Z:EA  - Invincible
Bekah (After School) - Take Me To The Place
Che'Nelle - Baby I Love U
Miss A - Love Alone
Alou 알로 - Desire (저 끝까지 English ver.)
Girls' Generation - The Boys

It's been awhile since I did an English mix. Some nice tracks here, I like Che'Nelle's Baby I Love U which is an English cover of Tee's (jpop). I'll add that to my next jpop mix. Also on my like list is Vanness Wu. Enjoy~

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November 9, 2011

Mix 233 - KPop Indie

Navid - 상상이별
Found Tracks - dial
No Reply - 낡은 배낭을 메고
Standing Egg - I'm Not Yours
M. Street - For My Love (Acoustic Ver.)
D2O (Detour) - Amanda
Kim Bo Kyung - 보고 싶어
My Q - 일년후 (MY Q ver.)
Kim Bo Kyung - Without U

Okay, maybe this is just pop and not indie but it's not the usual hip hop/dance/RnB I mix. D2O is a sub group of Oneway :).. Enjoy~

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November 7, 2011

Mix 232 - KPop

Wheesung 휘성 - Music
Boyfriend - Jum Jum Jum/ Little By Little
Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
Kan Mi Youn 간미연 - 안만나
U-KISS - On the Floor
2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music
엠페로(M.Peror) - 니가뭔데
Girls' Generation - The Boys
Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - Do You Like That


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October 31, 2011

Mix 231 - JPop

Tohoshinki 東方神起 - I Think U Know
May's - Bonds
Exile - Rising Sun
Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - If I'm Not The One
黒木メイサ - Wired Life(アニメサイズversion)
Sowelu - Endless Summer
2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music
Lil'B - 今も誰より…


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October 27, 2011

Mix 230 - KPop Ballads

JYJ - 소년의 편지 (The Boy's Letter)
B1A4 - 쮸쮸쮸 (Chu Chu Chu)
조구(Jo Goo) - Ma Luv
C Real - 넥타이를 풀고
U-KISS - Baby Don't Cry
Kan Mi Youn 간미연 - 제발
Soulstar 소울스타  - 아침이 오는 한
Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 웃어요 (Smile)


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October 19, 2011

Mix 229 - KPop

Dalshabet - Moonlight
U-KISS - Top That
G.NA - Banana (feat. Swings)
Seo In Guk 서인국  - Shake It Up
Kara - Step
J-Walk - Get On The Floor (feat. Sei)
Kang Hyun 강현 - Hey Girl
45RPM - 내겐 너무 가벼운 그녀 (fat girl)
B1A4 - My Love

Definitely some cute songs here. My fav is 45RPM's Fat Girl!! Yeah, why aren't US artists singing about our big girls? We are one of the overweight populations in the world! Enjoy~

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October 17, 2011

Mix 228 - KPop Ballads OST

Junsu - You Are So Beautiful (Scent of a Woman)
더 사랑한다면 (Myung Woo The Spy)
모르나봐 (Heartstrings)
Kim Tae Woo 김태우 - 사랑에 빠지다 (Accoustic Ver.) (Warrior Daek Dongsoo)
Kim Jae Joong - 지켜줄게 (Protect The Boss)
Suddenly (City Hunter)
Yesung (Super Junior) - 단 하루만 (Warrior Daek Dongsoo)
엠블랙(MBLAQ) - 유앤아이 (Scent Of A Woman)
김하늘(로티플 스카이) - Bluebird (Scent Of A Woman)

I love these songs but they don't really go with the usual playlists I do. My favs are Junsu, Jae Joong, and Kim Tae Woo :) Enjoy~

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October 14, 2011

Mix 227 - JPop

Buono! - フランキンセンス
Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - Ooh... [Album Version]
Tohoshinki 東方神起 - I Don't Know
After School - Super Sexy
Matsushita Yuya - Hot Girl!!
2PM - I'm Your Man
Tohoshinki 東方神起 - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
V6 - Sexy. Honey. Bunny!

Tohoshinki back in the Jpop scene. When will JYJ make a comeback? Enjoy~

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October 13, 2011

Mix 226 - CPop

Jerry 羅百吉 - 妳把我心吃掉
Daniel Chan/陳曉東 - So Hot
JPM - 喜歡妳好久 -- 毛弟 Modi solo
Vanness Wu - 透.明.愛
Shine - 觸電
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 天旋地转
Nicholas Teo 張棟樑 - 怎麼會哭
Genie Chuo 卓文萱 - 不要不要

Some nice tracks for you, my fav is Jerry's You Ate My Heart. I love it for that deep club beat! Enjoy~

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October 11, 2011

Mix 225 - KPop RAIN 비

나쁜 남자 [Bad Guy]
악수 [Hand Shake]
Instead Of Saying Goodbye
Oh yeah! (feat. AI)
I Do
With U
I'm Coming
더 끌려 (Feat. 태완 a.k.a C-Luv)
Hip Song
널 붙잡을 노래

This is for all you Rain fans. He's enlisted today into the military. I'll miss him. Here's a compilation of songs from his albums. Enjoy~

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October 7, 2011

Mix 224 - KPop Ballads

JYJ - In Heaven (Narr. 김정은)
Teen Top틴탑 - Beautiful Girl
Mi - 자기야 사랑해
U-KISS - Take Me Away
NADV - Memory
Swin - 해피엔딩 (Happy Ending)
Sistar - 약한 남자 싫어
Brave Girls - 너무 아파 (은영 Solo) (feat. Maboos)

JYJ YAY! I love their album and I love them <3 Enjoy~

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October 6, 2011

Mix 223 - JPop

Nana Tanimura 谷村奈南 - Believe You
Ayumi Hamasaki - Beloved
Happiness - Wish
SHINee - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Matsushita Yuya - Lonely Rain
Kalafina - Lacrimosa

This is for all you Black Butler fans, Kalafina.. sorry for the delay, I've been having issues with publishing. enjoy~

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October 3, 2011

Mix 222 - KPop

U-KISS - Neverland
Humming Urban Stereo - i.myss
Swin - 너 때문에
JYJ - Get Out
Sistar - New World
Dalshabet - 블링블링 (Bling Bling)
W & Whale - .밤은 짧아
걸어 아가씨야
Bella - Get Down

My fav is Humming Urban Stereo and JYJ, Always Keep The Faith :) Enjoy~

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September 29, 2011

Mix 221 - KPop Ballads

Sung Si-kyung - 오 나의 여신님
Shin Go Eun - Love Pop (Acoustic Ver.)
U-KISS - Some Day
10cm - 안아줘요
Bye Lupita - Espere Me
Super Junior - 해바라기 (Sunflower)
Koyote - 이제와 싫다면
Mi - 자기야 사랑해

I've been holding onto these songs because I've been so bummed about iTunes removing me. I can only get back on if I have a different feed URL and I don't want to lose all my loyal listeners that are currently subscribed. Anyway, hope you let others know about my blog. Enjoy~

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September 23, 2011

Mix 220 - KPop LAST REMIX

Girls' Generation 소녀시대 - 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)
TVXQ - Crazy Love
Big Bang - Last Farewell
SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
f(x) - 아이스크림 (Ice Cream)
GD & TOP - Oh Yeah
B1A4 - O.K.

Sorry for the delay. I may need to slow down my playlist to twice a week so I can actually do some work :P This is the last request/remix playlist I'll be doing for a while. Most older music that is requested can be found on my previous playlists. These can be easily downloaded by following the instructions on my blog. Enjoy~
OMG - JUST GOT A NOTICE FROM ITUNES!! They removed my podcast from its directory. I'm bummed! How should I address this? I don't know if future podcasts will be blocked or not. You may need to re-subscribe to my podcast to get future ones.

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September 21, 2011

Mix 219 - CPop Ballads

Trendy Man - 我想你的真的爱她
Europa Huang 黃建為 - 再一次旅行
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 快轉
William Chan 陳偉霆 - Love u 2
JPM - 再一次擁有
蕭敬騰 - 不停有意外的世界
Aska Yang 楊宗緯 - 那個男人 This Man (Secret Garden theme)

A couple of nice tracks here. I added Aska Yang only because I love love love the kdrama Secret Garden. This is the theme song in Chinese. enjoy~

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September 19, 2011

Mix 218 - KPop Ballads

Miss A - 멍하니
Super Junior - 폭풍 (Storm)
hwanhee 환희 - 악몽
MBLAQ - 말하지 말걸..
Navid - Runway
Yesung (Super Junior) - 단 하루만
RH - Mirror of My Soul

Hangin' on to all this music. I might slow down my playlists because I seem to be busy with everyday work lately but keep listening. Enjoy~

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September 16, 2011

Mix 217 - Asian In DA CLUB

加藤ミリヤ x 清水翔太 - Love Forever (DAISHI DANCE REMIX)
Space Cowboy - Party Is Over
Jerry 羅百吉 - Break Out(舞曲版)
DJ Schedule 1 - Feel It
Power Club-5 - Best (Club Ver.)

Thought I would put this up for all you getting ready for the weekend. Short playlist and if you're not into house/trance then you might skip this. Artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.. My fav is DJ Schedule 1's Feel It. Enjoy~

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September 14, 2011

Mix 216 - CPop

Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 仰望
JPM - 月球漫步
Makiyo - I Love You Dance
Fu Xin Bo 付辛博 - 斯诺克
Twins - 同時重生
Anson Hu 胡彦斌 - Life
JPM 小傑 Lil Jay - 愛情 Beautiful
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞 - 天旋地转

JPM! Some nice tracks for you..Enjoy~

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September 12, 2011

Mix 215 - JPop

Yuya Musushita 松下優也 - Bird (TV size)
BEAST - Fiction
SCandal - Love Survive
Sowelu - Let me lead U
Yuya Musushita 松下優也 - Super Drive
Ayumi Hamasaki - Why...feat. Juno
加藤ミリヤ x 清水翔太 - Believe
Kana Nishino - If

Yuya's "Bird" for Christy C and all Black Butler fans :) My fav is Yuya's Super Drive. Enjoy~

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September 9, 2011

Mix 214 - KPop

2NE1 - Ugly
A Pink 에이핑크 - 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요
Teen Top틴탑 - Don't Spray Perfume
Dalshabet - Dream In U
Sistar - So Cool
G.NA - Top Girl
Stellar - Rocket Girl (feat. Eric)
Super Junior - Superman
Brave Girls - 툭하면 (feat. Skul1)

My fav is Teen Top's Don't Spray Perfume. Enjoy~

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September 6, 2011

Mix 213 - KPop ep 16-132 remix BONUS

2PM - Again & Again
Se7en - Digital Bounce
Super Junior - Bonoamana
Rain - Hip Song
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah (C-Luv remix)
FT Island - Baby Love
CN Blue - I'm a Loner
G.O & Nasson - O-IWI-O
BoA - Copy & Paste
T-ara - Ma Boo

For those of you that missed my previous playlists *ahem, Tiny Tott*, I've picked my fav track from each playlist. It's too much to reupoad my archive and I don't want subscribers bombarded with automatic updates.

Let me know if you liked this remix. Oh, Ma Boo for Ellie ;) Enjoy~

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September 5, 2011

Mix 212 - CPop Ballads

Trendy Man 冯铭潮 - 故事岛
蕭敬騰 - 只能想念你
Magic Power 魔幻力量 - 如果明天世界末日
Twins - 我們之間
Vanness Wu - Aiya
SS.G组合  - 你太倔强
MIC男团 - 半梦


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September 2, 2011

Mix 211 - JPop

Buono! - partenza~レッツゴー!!!~ Let's Go!!!
Beast - Bad Girl
Chemistry - Independence
Koda Kimi 岕揷樢枹 - Poppin' Love Cocktail
Jasmine - Only You
Happiness - Make U Happy
Supernova - U Are the One

For Andrew and "Live, Love, Read", thanks for listening and leaving comments :) Enjoy~
OMG, just realized the sequence is wrong! reupload in a bit

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August 31, 2011

Mix 210 - KPop

Infinite - 3분의1
Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Super Junior - Walkin'
4minute - Freestyle
HITT 히트 - Good Night
Cube - Beast, 4minute
G.Na - Fly So High
Yoon Jong Shin 윤종신 - Love Scanner (Feat. 정석원 & Swings)


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August 29, 2011

Mix 209 - KPop Ballads

Han Soa - 시간이 필요해 (With JQ)
Kan Mi Youn - Good Love (feat. 서준)
Alex - 웃으며 안녕 (Pink Hoon Mix)
BeBe Mignon - 두비두바
Hwanhee 환희 - 죽을 것만 같아 Love Pain
Yoon Han - 바보처럼
Urban Zakapa (어반 자카파) - Just A Feeling
HITT 히트 - 한참 (Feat. 이루마)

My favs are Yoon Han and BeBe Mignon...enjoy~

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August 26, 2011

Mix 208 - JPop

Thelma Aoyama - Crazy Cray Love
Kana Nishino - Clap Clap!!
加藤ミリヤ x 清水翔太 - My Love Goes On
FT Island - Let It Go!
tomomi itano 板野友美 - ふいに
Supernova (Choshinsung) - Meki Love
2PM - I'm Your Man
TVQX 동방신기 - Superstar


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August 24, 2011

Mix 207 - KPop

2NE1 - Hate You
Super Junior - 라라라라 (Be My Girl)
Miss A - Good Bye Baby
T-ara - Roly-Poly In 코파카바나
Twilight - Without U
제국의 아이들 (Ze - A) - Man 2 Man
씨스타19 - Ma Boy (마보이)
MBLAQ - 알면서 그래
Infinite - Amazing


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August 22, 2011

Mix 206 - KPop Ballads

Brave Girls - 아나요 (Acoustic Remix ver.)
Kim Ji Soo - 김지수-수수께끼 (Feat. 요조)
바닷길 - 나만 부를 수 있는 노래
Miss A - Help Me
2NE1 - Lonely
hwanhee 환희 - 떠나지마
4men포맨 - 상사병
After School - Lady


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August 19, 2011

Mix 205 - CPop

Vanness Wu - Is This All feat. Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic
演唱 MP魔幻力量  - 放了自己
Playboyz 滚动合辑 - 让我放肆 (FUN4)
Twins - 3650
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 一個人的Happy Ending
Vanness Wu - Love Faith (Live)
JJ Lin 林俊杰 - 真材实料的我(银鹭花生牛奶主题
Chae Yeon 蔡妍 - 甜蜜的奇蹟(Sweet Miracle)
王心凌/Cyndi Wang - 黏黏黏黏

Yes! Vanness finally came back with a Mandarin album :) Enjoy~

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August 17, 2011

Mix 204 - KPop

GP Basic - Jelly Pop
Infinite - 내꺼하자
Super Junior - Mr. Simple
MBLAQ - 모나리자 (Mona Lisa)
jang Woo Hyuk 장우혁 - 주말 밤 (Maximum Mix) (Re-Edit ver.)
M&D - Close Ur Mouth, Brave Brothers, Electroboyz
Kikwang (Beast) - Break Up
Block B 블락비 - 그대로 멈춰라!
Miss A - Break It

My Favs are MBLAQ and SuJu...Enjoy~

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August 15, 2011

Mix 203 - KPop Ballads

Heo Young Saeng 허영생(SS501) - Rainy Heart
부제  - 비가 내리던 그 어느날 (Feat. 김규종)
Soulman 소울맨 - 손에 닿을만큼만
Hee Na In 히나인 - U Got Me (Feat. 원써겐)
Eye to Eye (아이 투 아이) - 그리고 그려요
Kim Bum Soo 김범수 - My Baby (feat. 휘성)
No Reply - Comma
Lee Hyori - Remember

My fav on this list is Lee Na In 히나인's U Got Me, an answer to I Got You (feat. 1sagain) by STi 스티 . Enjoy~

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August 12, 2011

Mix 201 - JPop

大国男児 - Love Bingo!
ShaNa - 宴 (Utage)
Dozi-T 童子-T - 雨上がり feat.竹本健一
Kana Nishino - I'll Be There
Azu - Champagne Gold
KinKi Kids - 灰色の花
JUJU - また明日


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Mix 202 - CPop Ballads

王心凌/Cyndi Wang - 不哭
Crowd Lu 盧廣仲 - 慢靈魂
Vanness Wu - Happiness
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 我們都傻
Chae Yeon 蔡妍 - He
Peter Pan - 兩個女孩
Playboyz 滚动合辑 - 2MORO
Norman Chan 陳冠霖 - 木頭人

Love Rainie's 我們都傻...for Annie and anonymous. Enjoy~

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August 8, 2011

Mix 200 - KPop

Black Eye 블랙아이 - 난 아직 니여자 아니야
INY 아이니 - 난 Cool
2PM - 모르니
Girl's Day 걸스데이 - 반짝반짝
ZE - A 제국의아이들 - Watch Out!! W & Whale - 소녀 곡예사
Miss A - Break It
Heo Young Saeng 허영생(SS501) - Out The Club (Feat. Tae Wan)
GG - 바람났어 (Feat. 박봄)


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August 5, 2011

Mix 199 - KPop Ballads

Bye Lupita - 그 밤, 별은 부서져
Standing Egg - 쥴리엣
My Q - 아침 8시 (With 한효주)
W & Whale - 소년 마법사
1sagain & Donnie J - 우울해
No Reply - 바라만 봐도 좋은데
Jo Goo - Never Gonna Let You Down
Eye to Eye (아이 투 아이) - Day By Bay

My fav on this list is 1sagain & Donnie J's 우울해. Enjoy~

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August 3, 2011

Mix 198 - CPop Ballads

JJ Lin 林俊杰 - 她说
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 - 愛太空
Norman Chan 陳冠霖 - 愛你一輩子
Fiona Sit - 不要愛我
蕭敬騰 - 話不多
Twins - Talk To Me
Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 我們都傻

Some nice ballads for you. Rainie for Annie :) can't wait to watch her drama..Enjoy~

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August 1, 2011

Mix 197 - KPop Ballads

G.O 지오 - 내 꿈에서라도
Shin Hye Sung 신혜성 - Special Love
The Name더 네임  - 겨우살아 (Feat. 케이윌)
Park Tae Jin 박태진 - 처음날
Naul 나얼 - Hello
No Reply - 바라만 봐도 좋은데
2PM - Give It To Me 제이  - Super Star (Rock Ver.)

Please support these artists, many can be found on iTunes. Enjoy~

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July 29, 2011

Mix 196 - JPop

Akane - Take It
Azu - A.Z.U MBLAQ - Into the Light
清水翔太/Shota Shimizu - Love
Bright - 1年2ヶ月20日
  Thelma Aoyama - 23
Arashi 嵐 - このままもっと (Vocal - Sho Sakurai)
Kana Nishino - I'll Be There

I love Akane's Take It for the heavy beat. Sorry, the rest of the list is more pop..enjoy~

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July 27, 2011

Mix 195 - KPop POP

F.T Island - Oh
Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) - 넌 내게 반했어
Shin Hye Sung 신혜성 - 생각해봐요
Chas - 어쿠스틱 메모리 (With 김지수)
Kim Ji Soo - 김지수-명품노래
Min Kyung Hoon - Happy Time
F.T Island 에프티 아일랜드 - Hello Hello
Wind Hold Venus - Call Me (rock version)

Indie? more like pop :) Enjoy~

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July 25, 2011

Mix 194 - CPop

Nick Chou 周汤豪 - Wake Up
鄧福如 (Afu) - 未填詞
Mina (米娜) - 單身派對 (Single party)
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 - 自行浪漫
Yoga (James) Lin - 自然醒
夏寂 - 每天都快樂
蕭敬騰 - 信仰
Vanness Wu 吳建豪 - Is This All


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July 22, 2011

Mix 193 - KPop

2NE1 - 내가 제일 잘 나가
f(x) - Hot Summer
2PM - Electricity
Eluphant 이루펀트 - Bye Bye Bike
B2st 비스트 - Back To You
Rainbow - Sweet Dream
Wind Hold Venus - Call Me (Dance Ver.)
Mina (米娜) - Toy boy (單身派對 korea ver.)
Hyuna 현아 of 4minute - Bubble Pop!

I am loving 2NE1 and 2PM. JYP really knows his music :) Enjoy~

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July 20, 2011

Mix 192 - KPop Ballads

Alex - 미쳐보려 해도
Hwayobi - With U
2PM - 영화처럼
Yoon Han - Just Friends
Shin Hye Sung 신혜성 - 째각째각
J. You - 우리 다시 만나면 안돼?(feat. Arim)
Wind Hold Venus - 묻지마, 거짓말이야
Alex - 꽃이다

My fav on this playlist is Yoon Han's Just Friends. Enjoy~

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July 18, 2011

Mix 191 - English by Asians

Glen Check (글렌체크) - Metro (Acoustic)
Stevie Hoang - Babies
Tae Yang - Wedding Dress
C.N Blue - Don't Say Goodbye
Thelma Aoyama 青山テルマ - WITHOUT U / feat. 4Minute
Vanness Wu - Better
Brian Joo브라이언 - It's Over Now (사랑하다 끝났어 Eng ver.)

Am I spoiling you listeners? It's hard to find GOOD English music out there so don't expect too many of these playlists :) C.N Blue's Don't Say Goodbye is for Anonymous who commented on my blog...comments = love Enjoy~
UPDATE: hehe, sorry, I put the wrong track information for track 2. This is the correct title of Stevie Hoang's track.

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July 15, 2011

Mix 190 - JPop

Yuya Matsushita 松下優也 - 夢で逢えたら
Girls' Generation 少女時代 - Bad Girl
Kana Nishino - Every Boy Every Girl
Akane - I see
Thelma Aoyama - Hitori ni Shinaide
KinKi Kids - Time
Alice - Perfect Girl

SNSD for Tinyy Tott :) Enjoy~

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July 13, 2011

Mix 189 - KPop ballads

4men포맨 - 오아시스
Soulman 소울맨 - 너에게로
쟈스민 - 봄이
Urban Zakapa 어반 자카파  - 그냥 그렇게 (Feat. 이주한)
Hwayobi - XOXO
4men포맨 - 수수께끼
Eluphant 이루펀트 - 여전히 아름답네요 (feat. 권정열 Of 10cm)
Cha Soo Kyung - Missing You

I call this the soul playlist, 4men and Hwayobi never disappoint me. Enjoy~

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July 11, 2011

Mix 188 - JPop

Thelma Aoyama - Let's Party!
Girls' Generation 少女時代 - Run Devil Run
AKANE - Hold me feat. BUSY SIGNAL
Arashi 嵐 - Morning Light
ShaNa - ひとりさみしく (Hitori Samishiku)
Girls' Generation 少女時代 - The Great Escape
Yuya Matsushita 松下優也 - 秘密の花園
Fumika Sato 佐藤史果 - All For You

Interesting to listen to is Akane. Her album is mostly reggae. P.S. to Tiny Tott: SNSD's Youholic is on my previous jpop playlist.. Enjoy~

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July 8, 2011

Mix 187 - KPop

2PM - Hands Up
jang Woo Hyuk 장우혁 - I Am The Future (Feat. Seo Jung Hwan & Jo Eun Hee)
Block B 블락비 - Halo
f(x) - Dangerous
Code V 코드브이 - Summer Love
B2st 비스트 - You
F.T Island 에프티 아일랜드 - Sunshine Girl
C.N BLUE - 그래요

A mix of everything today. Love 2PM's comeback song :) Enjoy~

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July 6, 2011

Mix 186 - CPop Ballads

王心凌/Cyndi Wang - 陪我到以後
Khalil Fong 方大同 - 好不容易
Yoga (James) Lin - 想自由
Vincy Chan 泳兒  - 剩下的幸福
王心凌/Cyndi Wang - 下一頁的我
SS.G 組合 - 煙花


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July 4, 2011

Mix 185 - KPop Ballads

Daybreak - Shall We Dance?
Alex - You're My Lady
Urban Zakapa - Driving To You
8eight - 그대는 정말 대단해요
C.N BLUE - Don't Say Good Bye
B1A4 - Only One
A Pink 에이핑크 - Wishlist
B2st 비스트 - The Fact
Taru 타루 - Love Me

My fav is 8eight's 그대는 정말 대단해요 and B2st's The Fiction. Enjoy~

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July 1, 2011

Mix 184 - JPop

Alice - Moving On
Juju - Love Again
Supernova - Kuriunnare -Kimi ni Aitakute-
大国男児 - まだ見ぬその未来へ
Thelma Aoyama - WITHOUT U feat. 4Minute
Vanness Wu - Why
Beni - One In A Million
SHINee - Replay

I always enjoy Thelma Aoyama and Beni... and SHINee breaking into the jpop market with their Kpop debut song Replay. Enjoy~

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June 29, 2011

Mix 183 - CPop

Sandee Chan 陳珊妮 -
SPY女团 - 舞池谍影
Nicky Lee - No More Cryin'
JJ Lin 林俊杰 - 保护色
商東茜 - 愛的語助詞
Khalil Fong 方大同 - 情勝策略
Rachel Liang 梁文音 - 還是朋友
Cyndi Wang 王心凌 - 想你想你
Yoga (James) Lin - 美妙生活

Had to include Nicky Lee from Aziatix :) Enjoy~

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June 27, 2011

Mix 182 - KPop Ballads

몽니 - 초록 물고기 (Featuring YeSLow)
Soulman 소울맨  - 끝이라기엔
Eluphant 이루펀트 - Hello My Dear
Kim Ji Soo 김지수 - 금방 사랑에 빠지다
B2st 비스트 - 비가 오는 날엔
Block B 블락비 - U Hoo Hoo
Shin Hye Sung 신혜성 - 조금 더 가까이 (Feat.영준)
Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - 제발 (Please)

So many ballads! This is only one playlist, there's more to come. Block B is for Melissa who requested them :) enjoy~

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June 21, 2011

Mix 181 - KPop

B2st 비스트 - Fiction
f(x) - 피노키오 (Danger)
jang Woo Hyuk 장우혁 - 시간이 멈춘 날 Time Is [L]over
Park Bom - Don't Cry
MBLAQ 엠블랙 - I Belong To You
Dal★Shabet - Rollin Fallin, JOO
이특 - 아이스크림
Romantic Couch - Like A Virgin (Feat.Cota Of Sunnyhill)

I love love love B2st's Fiction! And I liked the mv for Jang Woo Hyuk's Time is[L]over for his awesome isolation moves, thanks to Christy C. for showing that to me! Enjoy~

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June 20, 2011

Mix 180 - CPop Ballads

Khalil Fong 方大同 - 無菇朋友
Misster 特先生 - 鋼鐵人
Top Combine 至上勵合 - 在路上
Trendy Man 冯铭潮 - 没有你的天
Danson Tang 唐禹哲 - 開往明天的旅行
Trendy Man 冯铭潮 - 我想你的真的爱她
JJ Lin 林俊杰 - 当你
Gary Chaw曹格 - 我也爱你

Always a favorite of mine is Khalil Fong for bringing the R&B flavor to cpop. Shout out to Yan at Dr. D Chan's office cause she likes Khalil Fong ;)

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June 17, 2011

Mix 179 - CPop

Yoga (James) Lin - 纪念品
a Chord Hsieh 謝和弦  - 於是長大了以後
A Yue Chang - 嗨嗨人生
Nick Chou 周汤豪 - 附心汉
A Mei - 来闹的
Top Combine 至上勵合 - 主角
Yoga (James) Lin - Fly My Way
Kenji Wu 吴克群  - 星辰变

My fav on this list is Yoga Lin's 纪念品. Enjoy~

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June 16, 2011

Mix 178 - JPop

Girls' Generation 少女時代 - Hoot
YUI - Hello ~Paradise Kiss~
KAT-TUN - 勇気の花
MBLAQ - ダイジョウブ
2PM - Take Off
Beast 비스트 - Bad Girl
Vanness Wu - Mission
Fumika Sato 佐藤史果 - ポケット

I actually like most of these songs, maybe because I already like the kpop version of some of these songs :) Enjoy~

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June 10, 2011

Mix 177 - KPop Ballads

Boni - By My Side
Swin - I m Born Again
B2st 비스트 - Fiction (Orchestra Ver.)
ZE - A(제국의 아이들) - Special Day (For ZE - A`s)
Brian Joo브라이언 - 사랑하다 끝났어
Handsome People 핸섬피플 - Shall We Dance
Blakkk Banana 블랙바나나 - 우리가 사랑할때 (Feat. Bomi, 다흰)

My absolute favs on this playlist is Boni's By My Side and B2st's Fiction. These are on replay all the time! I love the instruments on both tracks. Rate my playlists, people are listening but only a few comment...I want to know!!!! Enjoy~

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June 9, 2011

Mix 176 - CPop Ballads

Blue J 紀佳松 - 棉花田
Chris Lee 李宇春 - 没有计划的旅行
Aaron Kwok 郭富城  - 擁有
Da Mouth 大嘴巴 - 永远在身边
Danson Tang 唐禹哲 - 愛我
Top Combine 至上勵合 - Darling
Trendy Man 冯铭潮 - 诠释爱

Just for you CAIS ppl ;) Enjoy~

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June 6, 2011

Mix 174 - JPop

MBLAQ - Your Luv
F.T Island - ハルカ
Girls' Generation 少女時代 - you-aholic
SM☆SH - Do It Do It!
Vanness - Soldier
Perfume - 微かなカオリ (Kasuka no KAORI)
ISSA x SoulJa - 4 Chords


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June 1, 2011

Mix 173 - KPop

f(x) - 아이 (Love)
A Pink 에이핑크 - 몰라요
Miss A - Breathe
Primary - 요지경 (Feat.Mellow, Yankie, Supreme Team)
A Pink 에이핑크 - Boo
Rainbow 레인보우 - So Cool
ZE - A(제국의 아이들) - Here I Am
Jay Park 박재범 - Abandoned (Feat. Dok2)

So many fun songs on this list it's hard to say which is my favorite. I'm loving f(x)'s 아이 (Love) and Primary for their funky beat. Enjoy~

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May 25, 2011

Mix 172 - English by Asians

Stevie Hoang - Text
Da Mouth 大嘴巴 - Secret Life
Aziatix - Start It Again
Rubberband - More Than A Woman
Taeyeon (SNSD) - Hush Hush
Oneway 원웨이 - Wrong Number
JYJ - Empty
C.N. Blue - Teardrops in the Rain
Khalil Fong 方大同 - Gotta Make A Change

Amazingly one of my more popular playlists is the English By Asians. So here is another one to enjoy! My fav is Stevie Hoang's Text. Stevie is from the UK and does not have any Asian language music but does speak Chinese on one of his tracks. Lovin' Aziatix for their smooth sounds. Rubberband and Taeyeon both do covers which are quite nice. Send me some feedback and let me know I'm not doing this for just me. Enjoy~

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May 22, 2011

Mix 171 - KPop POP

CN Blue 씨엔블루  - Love Girl
B1A4 - O.K.
Untouchable 언터쳐블 - You You (Feat. 오진석)
Click B - Always
Big Bang 빅뱅 - Love Song
CN Blue 씨엔블루  - 직감, 강토
이한철 - 흐르는 강물처럼
슈퍼키드 - 북극곰

A more pop sounding playlist for you. Lovin' Untouchable's You You because this is so different for the rappers. Enjoy~

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