January 29, 2014

mix 460 - kpop by jpop

少女時代 (Shoujo Jidai) SNSD - Galaxy Supernova
V.I (from BIGBANG) - I KNOW with May J.
Seo In Guk ソ・イングク - We Can Dance Tonight
BoA - Only One
CNBLUE -  Blind Love
V.I (from BIGBANG) - Strong Baby
MYNAME - Baby I'm Sorry

These are old songs now lol  Enjoy~

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January 21, 2014

mix 459 - kpop ballads

용준형 (Yong Jun Hyung) - Slow
동해 & 은혁 (슈퍼주니어) - 아직도 난 (Still You)
C-Luv 태완  - Interview (feat. 전군 & 규훈 Of Soulstar)
Zia 서인국 & 지아 - 이별남녀
Electroboyz 일렉트로보이즈 - 딱 걸렸어 (BUSTED) [feat.C-luv]
Miss A 미쓰 에이  - Like U
M.Pire 엠파이어  - On My Mind

Sorry for the long delay, been busy with my other life lol  Enjoy~

[Download as OGG Vorbis]