March 24, 2015

mix 490 - kpop ballads

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어 - Islands
In The Soul 인더소 - 그대 내게 없어 (Duet. 루아민 & 재용 of Just Cricket)
박재범 (Jay Park) - 올라타
정인 & Gary (Jung In &GARY) - 자전거 (Bicycle) (Eng ver.)
소녀시대-태티서 (Girls` Generation-TTS) - 내가 네게 (Whisper)
MJ(써니사이드), 일락 - 원피스 (feat. 효빈)
틴 탑 (Teen Top) - 쉽지않아 (Missing)
Crucial Star 크루셜스타 - Pretty Girl (Feat. Lovey)

More old stuff.... Enjoy~

March 23, 2015

mix 489 - kpop

Dami Im - Super Love (Korean Ver.) (한국어 버전
티아라 (T-ara) - Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)
소녀시대-태티서 (Girls` Generation-TTS) - Holler
아우라 (AOORA) - 나쁜손 (Body Talk) (Feat. Demian)
ZhouMi 조미 - Rewind (Korean Ver.) (Feat. 찬열 Of EXO)
VIXX 빅스 - Error
2PM -  Mine

After a long long break I decided to try something to keep this going.  You will see that I have only included a player for this mix.  I will not provide links for the mp3 or the ogg.  All my stuff is uploaded at Internet Archive.  Maybe by making it simpler I'll start up again.

This playlist is short and quite old but these are some good songs.  I'll start out with stuff I've had since October/November.  I really love Zhoumi and glad he did a cpop album.  Enjoy~