September 21, 2009

Mix 053 - KPop Ballads

Mellow - 생각이난다
Oh Jung Hyuk  - 어느덧 일주일
J.Hill - 라라라(Korean ver.)
Goon - I'm Superman
3 of the Eye - Beautiful Time(Under Clayton Sky)
Loveholics - Beautiful(Play 박혜경, 박기영)
Oh Jung Hyuk - 바보처럼
Lee Pa Ni - 오빠
Nameless - 바보(Remake Ver.)

More ballads for you to listen to. My fav is J. Hill's 라라라. I added Beautiful Time on this list (it's an English song) just cause I like it and they're a Korean group. There are a lot of Koreans singing English but as a native speaker it's hard to bear if words are not pronounced clearly. anybody interested in listening to Asian artists singing English? Comment...I'll post a mix if there's any interest. Enjoy~

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September 19, 2009

Mix 052 - JPop

Beni - Anything Goes!!
Crystal Kay - After Love-First Boyfriend
Jay'ed - Cry For You
Love - Two Hearts
Yuya Matcushita - Honesty
TVXQ - Colors-Melody and Harmony
Beni - Nice & Slow
Tiara - そのままで

Mellow tracks on this playlist. My fav of course is TVXQ's Colors. This song is a duet with JaeJoong and YooChun of TVXQ for Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary. Enjoy~

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Mix 051 - CPop Ballads

Color - 铁人
David Tao - 雪豹
Bear Biscuit - Hello, I Love You (Acoustic)
Weiru Chen - 渴
Khalil Fong - 狂潮
Ferris Person - SAy Love
Tanya Chua - Only Love
Bear Biscuit - 我们
Color - 证明
D Kwok - 幸运大门
David Tao - 暗恋

Most of these songs are more pop/indie than what I like to listen to but still worth a listen. Tanya Chua always puts out a decent album. Enjoy~

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Mix 050 - KPop Ballads

Clazziquai Project - 초콜릿 트러플
정인 - 그래 나를 믿자 (Feat. Bizzy)
SNJ - 안돼 Part.II
I The Tri Top's - 사랑한단 말
Brave Brothers - Bittersweet (비터스윗) (Feat. M, 현아, 마부스, 레드락, 베이직)
Kim Tae Woo - 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! (duet with Lyn)
gn.E - 꿈 (Duet With 김성희)
JM 제이.엠 - 그대란 사람 (feat. Navi)
Shin Ji Hu 신지후 - So Crazy

My fav is 정인:그래 나를 믿자 (Feat. Bizzy) which is from kdrama City Hall. Also worth listening to is Kim Tae Woo's T Virus album. Enjoy~

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September 8, 2009

Mix 049 - KPop

G Dragon - Heartbreaker
Sheean - I Can't Be
Kim Mi Yeon - 찍었어
Free P - Get It On The floor
Sheean - 少女赞歌 (Feat. Watusi of Coldfeet)
House Rulez - Summer Breeze 2009 (feat. 박정아)
Go Go Girls - Beautiful Flowers
G Dragon - 1년 정거장
Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
Kim Mi Yeon - 중독

Ok, had to add G Dragon's Heartbreaker because I'm really lovin' his album. I also added Brown Eyed Girls for it's catchy tune and the fact that 2pm/2am performed a parody of this song (see it on youtube or Wild Bunny ep 6). Enjoy~

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September 2, 2009

Mix 048 - JPop

Arashi - Everything
Exile - 優しい光
Azu - Close To you
Sound Around - Next Date Feat. Kaori
Hanah - 明日また、笑えるように
Sweep - Sighful Snow -DJ KOMORI Remix-
Kei Kohara - Day Dream
Exile - The Next Door- Indestructible feat. Flo Rida

This mix has a little of everything. I'm loving Kei Kohara's Day Dream for the 70's disco vibe. I added Exile's The Next Door just because I'm a fan of collaborations and this track features my favorite US artist, Flo Rida. Enjoy~

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Mix 047 - CPop

D Kwok - 微微
Xiao Yu - 换换换
Andrew Tan - 爱不爱
Chris Lee - 阿么
Bear Biscuit - Silence
Weiru Chen - 热血青

More tracks for you, my fav is Andrew Tan and D Kwok. Enjoy~

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