Cue Sheets – An Introduction

Cue sheets are basically small text files (you can open them in Notepad) that describe, where and which song can be found within a large audio file. If you want a more thorough and technical explanation about it, take a look at these two links with further information:
[Wikipedia] and [HydrogenAudio].

Without a cue sheet a typical release of a typical B's mix looks like this in an audio player:

With a cue sheet file it looks like this:

Information about artist and song title are displayed and you can skip forward and backward.

In order to use the cue sheets with B's mixes you first have to download and install a cue sheet capable audio player. I recommend the Clementine Music player. If you are using the iTunes software but not their music shop you could as well switch completely to Clementine.

You can get the cue sheets for all B's mixes at the Download Cue Sheets page. You have to place the .cue files into the same folder as their correspondent mp3 files. Just like in the picture below:

The screenshot is rather old, but you'll get the point, I guess :-)

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