August 31, 2009

Mix 046 - CPop Ballads

Chris Lee - 下个, 路口, 见
S.H.E - 锁住时间
Yong Bang - 魔鬼的眼泪
Gary Chaw - Bao Bei (Baby)
Andrew Tan - 故意
Dong lai Dong Wang - 包围
Chris Lee - 千域千寻
Musou Band - 是谁 (vocal 林予涵)

Some nice songs, Chris Lee's and Andrew Tan's album lots of good tracks. Enjoy~

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August 24, 2009

Mix 045 - KPop

CSP - 숨 (Feat. Tata Clan)
T-MAX - 준비 O.K (Jun Be O.K) (김준 Solo)
이그나이트 - 무슨 말을 할 수 있겠니 (Feat. 길건)
Romantisco - Robotisco (Alteze Mix)
Honeysh 허니쉬 - Dear Mr. Superstar
Clazziquai Project - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Brave Brothers - Invisible (인비져블) (Feat. 손담비, 별들의 전쟁)
G-Dragon - 소년이여
SS501 - Wuss Up (규종 Solo)

This mix is a nice leave from all that club music I put up last time. A lot of fun songs but I really like G dragon's 소년이여. I was pleasantly surprised with his album, I liked most of his songs. I'll be adding more of his songs in future mixes. enjoy~

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August 22, 2009

Mix 044 - KPop Ballads II

T-MAX - 왜 그랬어 (Feat. 김준) (신민철 Solo)
Urban Zakapa - Let me be the one
Romantisco - Cancion De Amor
Lee Ji Ah - 컵케익과 외계인
TVXQ - 12시 34분 (Nothing Better)
XEPY - Luvin' Online
G-Dragon - Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)

Here's part 2 of the ballad mix. Honestly, I love these songs so it's hard to say which is the fav of the mix. I will say G Dragon's Butterfly mostly because it was the surprise track for me (although his whole album is good). He is known for his raps so it was nice to hear a song that he's actually singing. Dude has mad skills, enjoy~

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Mix 043 - KPop Ballads

Hwayobi - Kiss Kiss Kiss (Feat. Sleepy)
Dr. Gimmm - Heaven
SNJ - 사랑했어 (Feat. Saemprince)
R.Tripper - Far Away (Song Ver.)
As One - 헤어져
I The Tri Top's - 사랑한단 말
Baek Ji Young 백지영 - 괜찮다고 말하고
T-ara  - 거짓말 (Ballad Ver.)
Epitone Project - 기도 (Feat. 이진우)

There's been a lot of nice ballads out lately, mostly because when these artists do a song they offer it in many versions. My favs on this list are R.Tripper's Far Away and T-ara's 거짓말. Enjoy~

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August 16, 2009

Mix 042 - KPop

Baek Ji Young - 내 귀에 캔디 (Feat. 택연 of 2PM)
e.via - 미칠때까지 (feat. Yeyo)
Dr. Gimmm - 만 17세
Dannywon - 내 맘속의 Luv-U
Bada - Yes I'm In Love (Feat. 2PM 택연)
Insooni - Fantasia
Monkey Stick - Rainbow Love
Crown J - I'm Good
Chung Lim - Suga Point

Is it my imagination or are a lot of the tracks sounding all like club tracks? The unfortunate thing about kpop is that they like to stick with the formula of the moment. Or I'm just into club music? On this list are two tracks that feature Taec Yeon from 2pm...He's getting a lot of attention these days. Enjoy~

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August 15, 2009

Mix 041 - JPop

Sweep - Jump around -DJ KOMORI Remix-
EXILE - Fireworks
Ayumi Sakai - Strong Body
Juliet - ナツラブ
Shota Shimizu - 美しき日々よ
Tohoshinki - Tea For Two
JAY'ED - Can't Let Go
Safarii - Sunset Beach

Sorry for the slow update,I decided to try and reorganize my music and it's become a total overhaul! This mix, lots of nice songs so can't really say which is my favorite. Exile's album is good and Shota Shimizu's as well. And if anyone knows me, I love Tohoshiki aka TVXQ. Enjoy~

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August 3, 2009

Mix 040 - KPop Ballads

규현 - 7년간의 사랑
Urban Zakapa - 커피를 마시고 (Main Version)
Winterplay - 꿈에서 본 거리
Az 에이지 - Come 2 Me
SS501 - 제발 잘해줘 (현중 Solo)
St.하루 - Afraid
SS501 - 이름없는 기억 (영생 Solo)

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Mix 039 - CPop Ballads

Lollipop - 說說
Otaku - 阿宅失眠日記
Tank - 生還者
Xiao Yu - Every Time
Nicholas Teo - 爱你胜过自己
Lollipop - One Way
Xiao Yu - 爱上
Chou Hui - 難題
Jerry Yan - 我會很愛妳

My fav on the list? I'm loving Lollipop's new album so any of their songs and Xiao Yu's 爱上. I was surprised to hear this on the radio in China. What I put out on my mixes are picks that I like from an album, not necessarily what's on the top of the charts or released. Nicholas Teo's album is also better than his last one, more upbeat. Enjoy~

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August 2, 2009

Mix 038 - KPop

Soul Cry - 달콤한 거짓말 (House Remix)
MKtronic - MKtronic
Devil & Angel - Bad Girl
태사비애 - 어머 어머 어머
빅뱅 (T.O.P & 태양) - Friend 친구
Tac Ye Jun - 열받치네 (Remix)
Noise - 사랑만사
2NE1 - I Don't Care
XEPY - Hurry Up (Feat. QM in SAFARI)
MC-R - Like That (Feat. 유미)
e.via - 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version) (Feat. VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능)

Lots of fun songs on this list. My favs are Xepy and E.Via. Be warned, E.Via is not for the sensitive ears that understand Korean but listen to her fast rap! I added Noise's 사랑만사 because Show Luo did this tune in Mandarin a while ago. Enjoy~

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Mix 037 - JPop

Beni - Forever 21
Big Bang - Emotion
TVXQ - Stand By U
Color - 涙が落ちないように
Greeen - 口笛
Mai Kuraki - Beautiful
Big Bang - My Heaven

Sorry for the lag, been on vacation for the month but ready to get back to my music! This mix is mostly ballads, really didn't have time to sift through all the new music that I missed while I was away but I will certainly be doing that in the next few days. My fav on this list is Big Bang's Emotion and of course TVXQ's STand By U. Hope they don't disband, they're such a talented group. Enjoy~

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