April 24, 2009

Mix 016 - KPop

2PM - Again & Again
Happy Face - Be My 1004 Part II
Naco - Nochnologe
Big Bang - So Fresh
So Cool
2PM - 돌아올지도 몰라
Holladang - Turn On The Radio
Naco - Can't Stop Music
2PM - 니가 밉다
AJ - 댄싱 슈즈
Lee Jun Ki - J Style
Wondergirls - Now
Lee Jun Ki - 바보사랑

Had to put this out cause I'm loving 2PM's new album. As you can see,I've added three of their tracks on this playlist. The dance version of Again & Again is HOT! The Big Bang track is from their CF for Hite Beer and as SuengRi is underage he is not part of this song. Naco is another artist whose whole album is great listening. And finally Lee Jun Ki you may know as an actor from many Korean dramas. He better keep his day job(: but these songs I've added aren't half bad. Enjoy~

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April 23, 2009

Mix 015 - Korean Rap

Uptown - Game Over
Defconn - Love sugar
Epik High - Free Music feat.Myk
Joe Brown - Break Up 2 Make Up
The Note - 바람 (Feat. Digital Masta)
All That - Hidden Track
G.L. - 093-03
Epik High - Map the Soul feat.MYK
Keikei - 미치도록 (Feat. K-Proud)

Thought I should make this list just so you can hear how rap is an influence (as if you didn't know if you've been listening to these playlists(: )in Korea. Most of what I picked is more mellow rap, some tracks with singing and rap. Noteworthy on this list is Epik High, They compose and write their own music. Enjoy~

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April 22, 2009

Mix 014 - KPop Ballads

koffee - 않아
Fly to The Sky - Good Girl
JL - 말했잖아
이진성 - 1 Step
Super Junior - Dead at Heart
Eddie - Over
Fly to The Sky - Song for You
Mute - Lei
PS Jun - Evil Time
Son Dambi - No Sympathy
Chung Lim - 내맘 속에서만
All That - I Know pt. II
Noel - Because I'm a Man...

Hello! Took a while to figure out why I couldn't get my URL links to work but with some luck and help from my trusty IT it's been solved. These are some nice mellow songs, stuff I'd classify as R&B but you make that decision. It was hard to choose what to put on this list because these artists have many ballads worth listening to. My favorite on this list? Fly To The Sky...unfortunately this is Brian and Hwanhee's final album together and will part ways to pursue solo careers. Let's hope they decide to collaborate for something in the future. I'm going to miss them but ten years is long enough and I'm wishing them the best. Enjoy~

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April 19, 2009

Mix 013 - Instrumental Tracks

Da Mouth - Asalato Box
Maximum Crew - Break 101
AJOO - 재벌 2세 (instrumental)
Rain - Freeway
Jay Chou - Intro (initial D)
2PM - Again & Again
Rain - Feel So Right
Perfume - 23 - 30

Many of the albums come with instrumental versions of their tracks. Sometimes they are better than hearing the original with lyrics. Here's a collection of some of my favorites. Please leave a comment if you cannot download this as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 012 - KPop Hip Hop

Son Danbi - Bad Boy
Chung Lim - Step (feat. Benzi)
L.E.O. - Sign
Super Junior - Club No. 1
Yim chang Jung - In The Club
Park Jung Eun - 너라면 이해하겠니
Super Junior - Why I Like You
After School - AH
AJ -  2009 (feat. Hyun Ah)

In this mix you'll hear more of Super Junior's Sorry Sorry album. My favorite song on this playlist is 2009 by AJ. He has other great tracks on his mini album which I'll add in my next playlist. Please comment to this playlist if you cannot download as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 011 - JPop

Craig David (feat. Bonnie Pink) - All The Way
Teriyaki Boyz(feat. Pharrell and Chris Brown) - Work That
Mai Kuraki - 夢が咲く春 remix,Ravex - Golden Luv feat. Maki Goto
June - Always
Beni - Kiss Kiss Kiss
TVXQ - Stand Up!
May J. & DJ KAORI - Shopping
June - Reason To Believe
SG Wannabe - More Than Diamonds

I love the collaborations of the first two tracks. Craig David, a UK artist, has also worked with Wheesung to produce a Korean version of his song insomnia. Anything Pharrell touches is gold in my eyes. The Teriyaki Boyz album also featured Kanye West and Busta Rhymes. Of course, I had to include the latest offering from my fav. group TVXQ which released another great album, the Secret Code. Please comment and let me know if you can not download this as a podcast. Enjoy~

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Mix 010 - CPop Ballads

侯湘婷 - 一起去巴黎
Ji Jia Song - 白黑
JS - 現在的我們(原唱:蕭薔)
MOD - 人之初
Huang Wen Xing - 億萬克拉的幸福
Elva Hsiao - Ta He Ta De Gu Shi
兄弟小文 - 流着泪说分手
張宇 & 小S徐熙娣 - 傻瓜與野丫頭
順子 - 恰好的寂寞
兄弟小文 - 离爱很遥远
Hsiao Hung Jen - Bu Zhi

Sorry for the delay, I've been out and when I got back I experienced internet problems. Here is the ballads mix. I tried to keep it more upbeat so you won't fall asleep! My favorite on this playlist is Xiao Wen. He's got some great songs on his album and included two on this list. Enjoy!

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