August 28, 2014

mix 480 - kpop ballads

EXO-K - Love, Love, Love
15& (박지민, 백예린) - Star
4 Men 포맨 - 말이야 방구야 (feat. Ben)
BTS 방탄소년단 -좋아요 (Slow Jam Remix)
투빅 (2BiC) - Your Love
Gilme 길미 - Nobody Knows
Tae Yang 태양  - 눈, 코, 입
U Kiss 유키스  - 끼부리지마

Now that con season is over and school has started, I'm a little more free to update my blog :)  The next few will be older stuff just til I catch up. My favs are EXO (of course) and 15&..

[Download as OGG Vorbis]

August 1, 2014

mix 479 - kpop

EXO-K - 중독 Overdose
GOT7 - Like Oh
B.A.P - Check On
티아라 (T-ara) - FIRST LOVE (Feat. EB)
포미닛 (4minute) - Wait a Minute
소녀시대 (Girls' Generation) - Mr.Mr.
지나 - 예쁜 속옷
에릭남 (Eric Nam) - 우우 (Ooh Ooh) (Feat. 호야 of 인피니트)

One of my last playlists... been so busy that I don't have time to do this T_T

[Download as OGG Vorbis]