September 21, 2009

Mix 053 - KPop Ballads

Mellow - 생각이난다
Oh Jung Hyuk  - 어느덧 일주일
J.Hill - 라라라(Korean ver.)
Goon - I'm Superman
3 of the Eye - Beautiful Time(Under Clayton Sky)
Loveholics - Beautiful(Play 박혜경, 박기영)
Oh Jung Hyuk - 바보처럼
Lee Pa Ni - 오빠
Nameless - 바보(Remake Ver.)

More ballads for you to listen to. My fav is J. Hill's 라라라. I added Beautiful Time on this list (it's an English song) just cause I like it and they're a Korean group. There are a lot of Koreans singing English but as a native speaker it's hard to bear if words are not pronounced clearly. anybody interested in listening to Asian artists singing English? Comment...I'll post a mix if there's any interest. Enjoy~

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