April 21, 2010

Mix 093 - KPop Ballads

Rain 비 - 널 붙잡을 노래
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Dream
어니스트(Ernest) - Because I`m Weary
지연 [티아라] - 또르르
2NISE 투나이스 - 그대만 보고 그대만 안고 그대만 사랑할게요
Gil hak Mi 길학미 - Super Soul
Hyori Lee 이효리 - Feel The Same
Jungin 정인 - 고마워 (Feat. 남자친구)

Been holding onto songs cause I've been busy with junk. But you HAVE to listen to this list. Rain with his comeback song 널 붙잡을 노래 and Gil Hak Mi's songs Dream and Super Soul. A lot of people call her the kpop Rhianna and her sound certainly does sound like Rhianna.
Finally, shout out to Patrick! Found out he's listening to my playlists, thanks :) I'd love to hear what you like and if you listen to the jpop and cpop as well...

Download this mix!

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