July 28, 2010

Mix 114 - KPop Ballads

Hwayobi 화요비 - Bye Bye Bye
Tae Yang 태양 - I Need a Girl (feat. G-dragon)
D-NA - 눈부신 세계
Hwayobi 화요비 - 2CreAm NoSuGar
Oneway 원웨 - Forever
ZaZa 자자 - 헤어지다
Chess - 메아리
Tae Yang 태양 - You're My
Hwayobi 화요비 - 가끔은.. 남자도..

As you can see, I've add lots of Hwayobi. Pretty much all the tracks are RnB and her voice is just amazing. Other favorites, is Tae Yang and One Way. Hope One Way will do this track in an English version. Enjoy~

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