November 2, 2010

Mix 130 - KPop Ballads II

No Reply 노 리플라이  - Golden Age
4cus 포커스  - 그대와 단 둘이서
Tonight 투나잇  - Always With You (Duet Ver.)
SG Wanna Be워너비 - 겨울 나무
4cus 포커스  - 향기로운 추억
No Reply 노 리플라이  - 안락의자
F.T Island - 사랑사랑사랑
2NE1 - 아파 (Slow)

As I mentioned in my previous post, there's a lot more of No Reply. I'm in love with their songs. His voice matches the style of music they perform. My fav on this list is track 2 from 4cus 그대와 단 둘이서. Reminds me of a Hawaiian band. This playlist is a little different than the usual pop/R&B I put out. Enjoy~

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