January 19, 2011

Mix 143 - KPop

GD&TOP - 뻑이가요
TVXQ 동방신기(東方神起) - WHY (Keep Your Head Down)
F. Cuz 포커즈 - U crazy
Oneway 원웨이  - Flight 101 (feat. As One)
Dia 디아  - Knock (ft. H-Eugene)
달샤벳(Dal★shabet) - Supa Dupa Diva
B2st 용준형 & 양요섭 - Thanks To
GD&TOP - 집에 가지마
Infinite 인피니트  - Hysterie

GD&TOP's 뻑이가요 is a catchy tune, loved the mv. "Why" is TVXQ's
comeback after 2.5 years of waiting to settle the dispute with JYJ (which is still unresolved), surprisingly it was a good album. Oneway's album very mellow with a couple of English tracks. Enjoy~

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