May 5, 2011

Mix 165 - KPop

f(x) - Lollipop (Feat. SHINee)
Brave Girls 브레이브걸스 - So Sexy
4minute 포미닛 - 거울아 거울아
Orange Caramel 오렌지캬라멜 - 방콕시티 (Bangkok City)
Dal★Shabet - Shakalaka
Rainbow 레인보우 - TO ME (내게로..)ZE - A(제국의 아이들) - Be My Girl
Kim Tae Woo 김태우 - Just Smile (With 마이티 마우스)
1sagain 가지마 - 가지마 (Feat.주보라)

My fav on this list is Lollipop for the heavy beats and Dal Shabet's Shakalaka for that hook. Enjoy~

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  1. Oh my good sweet lord, I am so glad I found this again. My sophomore year of high school, I was looking through itunes podcasts trying to find some free workout music. somehow, I found this specific podcast, and my friend and I fell in love with every song on it. We listened to it pretty much religiously. Bangkok City was my song I would play in the mornings to wake myself up on the way to school. Then somehow I lost the iPod it was on, and for years I forgot about it. But the other today, my friend asked the name of the bands that were on it. All she and I could remember was f(x). So I set out on a hunt to find this kpop mix. I searched everywhere on itunes. All I remembered was that it was kpop, with a number in the name, and that your name was B. Then finally, I thought to google "kpop podcast itunes b" and your blog showed up. I almost cried, and called my friend screaming that I had found it. So thank you for having this blog. Thank you for showing us awesome kpop music. You can't know how happy we are.

    1. OMG You have just made my week! Thank you sooo much for the story. I've been on the fence to continue since at the moment I'm busy as heck with costuming and my family life. It's been a long time since I've been on iTunes (got kicked actually) but I'm glad you found this blog. <3