July 18, 2011

Mix 191 - English by Asians

Glen Check (글렌체크) - Metro (Acoustic)
Stevie Hoang - Babies
Tae Yang - Wedding Dress
C.N Blue - Don't Say Goodbye
Thelma Aoyama 青山テルマ - WITHOUT U / feat. 4Minute
Vanness Wu - Better
Brian Joo브라이언 - It's Over Now (사랑하다 끝났어 Eng ver.)

Am I spoiling you listeners? It's hard to find GOOD English music out there so don't expect too many of these playlists :) C.N Blue's Don't Say Goodbye is for Anonymous who commented on my blog...comments = love Enjoy~
UPDATE: hehe, sorry, I put the wrong track information for track 2. This is the correct title of Stevie Hoang's track.

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