April 16, 2012

Mix 279 - KPop Ballads RnB

2am - Chueok Da Jiwo
Tim 팀 - 사랑 참 나쁘다
지오&미르 (엠블랙) - 알고 있었어
WE - 비가 (Acoustic Ver.)
B1A4 - So Fine
이지수 - 이런 내가 싫다
Wanted - Baby Don't Go
Super Junior-K.R.Y. - 회상

Okay, I didn't know if these ballads qualify as RnB but I noticed that the tag gets a lot of searches so I'm attaching it to the title. Someone said to me that the ballads I choose are not really what she'd call ballads. What do you think?

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