November 13, 2009

Mix 067 - KPop

Mighty Mouth - Real Man
Ivy 아이비 - Touch Me (Electro mix)
Koyote 코요태 - Oh, Yes!
Lee Seung Gi - 널 원해
아인 - First Love (Feat. 솔지, Back Attack)
BIG BANG - 할렐루야
Ivy 아이비 - 안돼요 (feat. Day Day)
December 디셈버 - 사랑아 사랑아
2PM - 기다리다 지친다

The long awaited 2PM album is out. Here is one of the tracks they released before the album was dropped. I'm wondering if this was a tribute to their leader, Jaebeom since the title is 01:59PM. It's not 2pm without their leader. Enjoy~

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