November 28, 2009

Mix 070 - KPop

2PM - 너에게 미쳤었다
U-Kiss - 만만하니
Rainbow 레인보우 - Gossip Girl
Wheesung/휘성 - One Kiss
Jo Kwon & Whale/조권 & 웨일 - 덩크슛
U-Kiss - OK!
2PM - Heartbeat
Wheesung/휘성 - Over U
MC한새 and 박소연 - 엄마 몰래 비밀여행
SeeYa - 그 놈 목소리

Maybe you can tell that I'm a fan of Wheesung and 2PM, they both came out with some great songs from their most recent album. Although 2PM's album has a bunch of nice tracks, I still miss Jae Beom on it. Hope they bring him back soon. Enjoy~

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