February 1, 2010

Mix 077 - KPop Ballads

Lee Jae Hoon - 겨울풍경 (Guitar ver.)
F.T Island - A Song For You
Shoo/슈 - With Me (Song For 酱 With 官促
Nadia 나디아 - 사랑 그 끝이 참 쓰다...
Park Tae Jin 구해줘 - 구해줘
F.T Island - 남의 속도 모르고
아이유(IU) & 나윤권 - 첫사랑이죠
Daesung 대성 - Cotton Candy
Daybreak - 좋다

Sorry for the long breaks, holidays and getting back to the groove is just tough. Here's a different kind of ballad playlist, more on the pop alternative (?) side than my usual pop RnB style. My fav is DaeSung with his ukelele song and Daybreak's 좋다 cause they're catchy tunes. I have a couple of FT Island tracks here, fell in love with Hongki after watching him on You're Beautiful. ~enjoy!

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