February 1, 2010

Mix 078 - JPop

Supernova - saturday LUV
青山 テルマ (Aoyama Thelma) feat. 태양 (Tae Yang) - Fall in Love
F.T Island - Raining
Supernova - Last Kiss
Yuya Matsushita - Trust Me
Teriyaki Boyz - 5th Element(KOZM remix) feat.CORNELIUS
Xiah Junsu of TVXQ 東方神起 - Xiahtic
Supernova - Aiuta

Everyone is in love with anything Big Bang or TVXQ and I'm not different. Listen to Fall in Love for Tae Yang from BB but you need to listen to Xiahtic for my idol Xiah Junsu from TVXQ. Another nice surprise, FT Island. Enjoy~

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