March 21, 2012

Mix 270 - Magdelane's Bossa Nova KPop

이상순 & 오지은 - 또 왜 그래
김지수, 타루 - 더 좋아
윤종신 - 바바바 (부제 - 화해송) (Feat. 이상순)
가을방학 - 감기약 (Feat. 박성도, 이혜준)
Lucid Fall - 어부가(漁父歌)
Oh My Lady! OST - Love is (Bossanova Ver.)

This is a quickie for Magdelane. She waited 6 months for me to reply to her :P Hope you're still listening to my blog. This may not really be bossa nova but it's got that flavor. Enjoy~

Download this mix!

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