July 4, 2012

mix 305 - jpop

Koda Kimi 岕揷樢枹 - V.I.P.
Namie Amuro 安室奈美恵 - Naked
Yuya Matsushita - 4 Seasons
Arashi 嵐 - Your Eyes
Yuka Masaki 真崎ゆか - Negai Feat. K.J.
三浦大知 - Burning Weakness
Sowelu - Oh my memories feat. toshinori YONEKURA
Happiness - Kiss Me

Koda Kimi and Namie Amuro for Miki, I found it!  Silly me, should have looked thoroughly.  Anyway, this playlist is a little slower just because there seems to be lots of this tempo.  Enjoy~

(Download as OGG Vorbis; Smaller file but not supported on all devices)

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