July 6, 2012

mix 306 - English by Asians

Far East Movement - Live My Life (feat. Justin Bieber)
Jay Park - BODY2BODY (prod.CHACHA)
Far East Movement - Basshead (feat. YG)
G.Na 지나  - 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 [Feat. 용준형] (English Ver.)
Jun K 恭碩良 - Help Is On The Way
Aziatix - Speed Of Light
Jo Kwon - Just A Kiss
Jay Park - Be With Me 2Night (prod.CHACHA)

Lovin' FEM and Jay Park.  The surprise is Jo Kwon's ballad in English which I really like.  Enjoy~

(Download as OGG Vorbis; Smaller file but not supported on all devices)

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