October 2, 2012

mix 336 - jpop

THE RAIDERS - Sugar - Sweeter Remix (feat. Km-markit, 8, D-on, Oj, Minesin and L&j)
D-AI - Secret Love feat.Dazzy
Yuka Masaki 真崎ゆか - Whatchu Know About Me?
V6 - 愛をこめて
BRIGHT - Forever feat.松下優也
SHU-I - 心に射すヒカリ
Tomohisa Yamashita 山下智久 - 僕だけの君に

Just found D-Ai which is cute.  Tomohisa's track sounds vaguely familar and it's driving me crazy.  Anyone know if this melody was used in another song let me know! Enjoy~

[Download as OGG Vorbis]

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