October 23, 2012

mix 343 - kpop

100% 백퍼센트 - 나쁜놈
TVXQ 동방신기 - I don`t know
드라마 (Drama) - The Cry (Feat. U1 & UG)
T-ara 티아라 - SEXY LOVE
초신성 - 폭풍속으로 (She's GONE)
Andamiro 안다미로 - Hypnotize (Club Extended Mix Ver.)
Girls' Generation - TRICK
G-Dragon - 크레용 (Crayon)
Mr. Mr.미스터미스터 - Who's That Girl

My favs are TVXQ and Andamiro's club song. SNSD by request. Enjoy~

[Download as OGG Vorbis]

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