August 3, 2009

Mix 039 - CPop Ballads

Lollipop - 說說
Otaku - 阿宅失眠日記
Tank - 生還者
Xiao Yu - Every Time
Nicholas Teo - 爱你胜过自己
Lollipop - One Way
Xiao Yu - 爱上
Chou Hui - 難題
Jerry Yan - 我會很愛妳

My fav on the list? I'm loving Lollipop's new album so any of their songs and Xiao Yu's 爱上. I was surprised to hear this on the radio in China. What I put out on my mixes are picks that I like from an album, not necessarily what's on the top of the charts or released. Nicholas Teo's album is also better than his last one, more upbeat. Enjoy~

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