August 22, 2009

Mix 044 - KPop Ballads II

T-MAX - 왜 그랬어 (Feat. 김준) (신민철 Solo)
Urban Zakapa - Let me be the one
Romantisco - Cancion De Amor
Lee Ji Ah - 컵케익과 외계인
TVXQ - 12시 34분 (Nothing Better)
XEPY - Luvin' Online
G-Dragon - Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)

Here's part 2 of the ballad mix. Honestly, I love these songs so it's hard to say which is the fav of the mix. I will say G Dragon's Butterfly mostly because it was the surprise track for me (although his whole album is good). He is known for his raps so it was nice to hear a song that he's actually singing. Dude has mad skills, enjoy~

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