August 2, 2009

Mix 038 - KPop

Soul Cry - 달콤한 거짓말 (House Remix)
MKtronic - MKtronic
Devil & Angel - Bad Girl
태사비애 - 어머 어머 어머
빅뱅 (T.O.P & 태양) - Friend 친구
Tac Ye Jun - 열받치네 (Remix)
Noise - 사랑만사
2NE1 - I Don't Care
XEPY - Hurry Up (Feat. QM in SAFARI)
MC-R - Like That (Feat. 유미)
e.via - 오빠! 나 해도돼? (XXX Version) (Feat. VASCO, 지구인 of 방사능)

Lots of fun songs on this list. My favs are Xepy and E.Via. Be warned, E.Via is not for the sensitive ears that understand Korean but listen to her fast rap! I added Noise's 사랑만사 because Show Luo did this tune in Mandarin a while ago. Enjoy~

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