September 6, 2011

Mix 213 - KPop ep 16-132 remix BONUS

2PM - Again & Again
Se7en - Digital Bounce
Super Junior - Bonoamana
Rain - Hip Song
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah (C-Luv remix)
FT Island - Baby Love
CN Blue - I'm a Loner
G.O & Nasson - O-IWI-O
BoA - Copy & Paste
T-ara - Ma Boo

For those of you that missed my previous playlists *ahem, Tiny Tott*, I've picked my fav track from each playlist. It's too much to reupoad my archive and I don't want subscribers bombarded with automatic updates.

Let me know if you liked this remix. Oh, Ma Boo for Ellie ;) Enjoy~

Download this mix!

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