December 1, 2011

Mix 239 - KPop Ballads

Brown Eyed Girls - 불편한 진실
C Real 씨리얼 - 내 남자친구에겐
TRAX - 창문 (Blind)
G.NA - Without You
Lydia - 못난이의 사랑
Cheoi Jeong Cheol  - Fall In Love
2nise 투나이스  - 그 말
Jeong Yeop 정엽  - 눈물나

Sorry, I've been busy with the holidays upon us. Just got back from the Kpop Masters concert in Las Vegas and it was GREAT!! G.Na and Brown Eyed Girls performed as well as B2st, MBLAQ, SHINee and TVXQ! My dreams have come true :) Enjoy~

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