December 28, 2011

Mix 249 - CPop

Miss A - Goodbye Baby
M.I.C.男團 - Get It Hot
LOLLIPOP F - Magic(魔幻)
Liang Yi Zhen 梁一贞  - 爱说谎的狼
Xian Zi 弦子 - 逆风的蔷薇
Tanya Chua - 別找我麻煩
Bibi Zhou 周筆暢 - 黑蘋果
M.I.C.男團 - 非常21世紀
Xian Zi 弦子 - 我要去旅行
Anson Hu 胡彥斌 - Life

A long playlist this time since I don't get as much cpop. I do like M.I.C.男團's album. Enjoy~
This is the revised version..the first time it was doubled by my publisher. Sorry! Thank you Xavier for giving me that heads up!!

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