August 1, 2013

mix 421 - kpop

Henry 헨리  - 1-4-3 (I Love You)
BESTie 베스티  - 두근두근
XIA (준수)  - Incredible (Feat. Quincy)
Sistar 씨스타  - 핑글핑글 (Up And Down)
EXO K - 피터팬 Peter Pan
Roy Kim 로이킴  - Love Love Love
hari(하리)-cutie song-kiyomi song ( 귀요미송)
하연수,강하늘,김초은 - 아틀란티스 소녀
Lim Kim 김예림(투개월) -  All Right

Took a while for me to get this list together since this is not my regular style of kpop but still worth listening to :)  I love Henry, Xia and EXO and these are their more pop songs.  I had to include the kiyomi song because it was stuck in my head for a while (sorry for the poor quality).  The duet of track 8 is from Monstar if any of you are watching.  Finally Lim Kim is interesting, I think this is one of her best songs on her album. Enjoy~

[Download as OGG Vorbis]

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