April 19, 2009

Mix 010 - CPop Ballads

侯湘婷 - 一起去巴黎
Ji Jia Song - 白黑
JS - 現在的我們(原唱:蕭薔)
MOD - 人之初
Huang Wen Xing - 億萬克拉的幸福
Elva Hsiao - Ta He Ta De Gu Shi
兄弟小文 - 流着泪说分手
張宇 & 小S徐熙娣 - 傻瓜與野丫頭
順子 - 恰好的寂寞
兄弟小文 - 离爱很遥远
Hsiao Hung Jen - Bu Zhi

Sorry for the delay, I've been out and when I got back I experienced internet problems. Here is the ballads mix. I tried to keep it more upbeat so you won't fall asleep! My favorite on this playlist is Xiao Wen. He's got some great songs on his album and included two on this list. Enjoy!

Download this mix!

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