April 22, 2009

Mix 014 - KPop Ballads

koffee - 않아
Fly to The Sky - Good Girl
JL - 말했잖아
이진성 - 1 Step
Super Junior - Dead at Heart
Eddie - Over
Fly to The Sky - Song for You
Mute - Lei
PS Jun - Evil Time
Son Dambi - No Sympathy
Chung Lim - 내맘 속에서만
All That - I Know pt. II
Noel - Because I'm a Man...

Hello! Took a while to figure out why I couldn't get my URL links to work but with some luck and help from my trusty IT it's been solved. These are some nice mellow songs, stuff I'd classify as R&B but you make that decision. It was hard to choose what to put on this list because these artists have many ballads worth listening to. My favorite on this list? Fly To The Sky...unfortunately this is Brian and Hwanhee's final album together and will part ways to pursue solo careers. Let's hope they decide to collaborate for something in the future. I'm going to miss them but ten years is long enough and I'm wishing them the best. Enjoy~

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