April 23, 2009

Mix 015 - Korean Rap

Uptown - Game Over
Defconn - Love sugar
Epik High - Free Music feat.Myk
Joe Brown - Break Up 2 Make Up
The Note - 바람 (Feat. Digital Masta)
All That - Hidden Track
G.L. - 093-03
Epik High - Map the Soul feat.MYK
Keikei - 미치도록 (Feat. K-Proud)

Thought I should make this list just so you can hear how rap is an influence (as if you didn't know if you've been listening to these playlists(: )in Korea. Most of what I picked is more mellow rap, some tracks with singing and rap. Noteworthy on this list is Epik High, They compose and write their own music. Enjoy~

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