June 26, 2009

Mix 034 - KPop Ballads

Namolla Family - 전화하지마 (Feat. 태인)
Steady-B - Empty Love (Feat. Ra.D)
Untouchable - My Boo (feat. 전효성, 한선화)
A-Brother - My Lover (Feat. 정석, 호연)
J-One 제이원 - For You
8eight - 울고 싶어 우는 사람이 있겠어
선우선 - 지금와… (더 늦기 전에)
Baek Ho 백호 - She`s Mine (Feat. MKAY A.K.A Choi Mun Ki)

The ballads mix... I like 선우선 whose track is from a compilation, Love Tonic. I'd like to hear what your favorite song is, leave a comment. If you're lazy, just check the rating box below to tell me how you liked the mix. Enjoy~

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