June 21, 2009

Mix 033 - KPop

Nude Sound Unit - Party Nation (C/W)
Chae Yeon - 흔들려
Baek Ho - Gorgeous Baby (feat. KZ)
Kara - 똑 같은 맘
어게인 - 603 (feat. MC K, 서연)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Get Away (Feat. $howgun)
SHINee - 줄리엣 (Juliette)
김태우 - 기억과 추억 (Feat. 준형, 호영)
Untouchable - Wassup
4minute - Hot Issue

A great first song to wake you up. I love dance music! Included in this playlist are a lot of new releases. Most tracks that I put up are within a couple of weeks of their release dates. 4 Minute is the latest girl group to debut in the kpop scene. My favorite track besides Party Nation is Gorgeous Baby. Something about that hook, so catchy. Enjoy~

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