June 3, 2009

Mix 028 - KPop Ballads

Nude Sound Unit - Eternal Sunshine
Dok2 - B Ma Friend (feat.Jinbo)
어게인 - 한걸음
SHINee - 차라리 때려 (Hit Me)
Oh Jung Hyuk - Cry
Hwayobi - Once
Oh Jung Hyuk - 어느덧 일주일
Dok2 - Take My Hand (Feat. D.N.G)
Hyo - 3 - 33 AM
SHINee - 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)

Not much to say for this playlist. The SHINee songs are from their just released Romeo album. If you like the tracks by Dok2 you should check out the rest of the album. It contains alot of instrumentals which I like. Enjoy~

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