June 8, 2009

Mix 029 - CPop Ballads

Vinx Lin - 是不是你
Lin Zheng Hao - 唱首情歌
Happy Circle - Happy Circle
Kimi - 三月
Zhang Yun Jing - 黑裙子
Tank - 陽光美眉
Evonne Hsu Hui Xin - 平凡的浪漫
Rickman Xie - 都说你最好
Vinx Lin - 手心引力
Kay Huang - 你是唯一 (feat.阿达)

The first track feels like summer, Vinx Lin's mini album contains only 4 tracks all of them ballads but all of them nice. Listen to Happy Circle, also only 4 tracks (not including the kala versions), for their indie sound. Lastly if you're liking the last track by Kay Huang, you can hear her other works in OST music from The Hospital and 101st Proposal (China version). I like her song here because it's got a lounge feel. Enjoy~

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