March 15, 2009

Mix 004 - CPop

Unknown - (Sorry!)
Judy Chou - So What
Ji Jia Song - 一人樂隊
Jolin Tsai - Agent J
JJ Lin - 街道
Nese - Superman
Danson Tang - 情报
Hey Girl! - OOXX

I've been busy lining up a bunch of mixes for listening and it's always difficult for me to come up with a great list of cpop. Why? Because there just aren't that many artists out there doing hip hop genre. Most of what I find is pop which isn't much my style. Anyone out there wanna give me some names I should look at, drop me a comment. I didn't put up most of the cpop list I made for my friends recently since they're the only ones listening to this anyway!!!

Download this mix!

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