March 17, 2009

Mix 005 - JPop

TVXQ - Survivor
Ravex - Believe in Love
Mai Kuraki - 夢が咲く春
Kyohei Kaneko - アイノカタチ
Da Mouth - 结果咧
Nana Tanimura - Crazy for You
W-inds - Yes or No
TVXQ -  Trick
Soulja - Zero
Exile -  Make Love
Soulja - Hurry Home(そばにいるね)

I'm just beginning to enjoy jpop...mostly due to TVXQ, my fav kpop group, doing jpop lately.. And I find more Japanese hip hop and dance than what I can find in cpop. Did anyone notice that Da Mouth is on this list? Yeah! This is their jpop version of their cpop song of the same name. Sounds like Aisa and DJ Y are the main vocals but still a great song. Just to throw it in, I included the japanese version of their 永远在身边 from Da Mouth's latest album. Can you tell I'm a Da Mouth fan too?

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