March 27, 2009

Mix 008 - JPop Ballads

News - ケセナイ
Shota Shimizu - Diggin' On U
W-inds - Everyday
TVXQ - どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
SoulJa - 花、ゆらり feat. 高橋幸宏
ONE DRAFT - アイヲクダサイ
TVXQ - Taxi
Mai Kuraki - Secret Lover
TVXQ - Bolero

Since I'm on a jpop roll, here's the slow stuff worth listening to. Maybe I should have just made a TVXQ mix...but hey, they're a great band and I love their music! I thought I should put this list up since my anime mix won't be getting much play unless you're into manga/anime like me. By the way, if you're listening, rate the mix at the bottom of each post, I want to know what I should be putting out for you. Of course, comments are always welcome. Enjoy!

Download this mix!

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